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Hey all ... I just started working at Target two weeks ago, went through orientation, and a week of training at another store last week after being lucky enough to land a position as Signing Specialist at my store. Was doing some research online about Target and came across this forum so I thought I'd join up and say Hi. Just moved to this town a couple months ago and was eagerly seeking employment and got the call from Target after I applied online for the Flow position at the store closest to me ... got the call a week later to come in for an interview ... ended up going through 2 interviews which I guess is standard to find out that they'd already filled the flow positions, when asked if I'd be willing to take on another position I said "of course" of course and went through two more interviews leading me finally to the Signing position ... went through orientation and then was sent to another store to train with a wonderful lady who's been doing Signing for quite some time and after a couple days of "What the heck have I gotten myself into" ... I came to realize that people don't typically come into this position right off the street ... after a week of crash course Signing input, I'm feeling much better about it and eager to start at my own store tomorrow. Feels like a really good company to work for and a really cool position to have for me as I've worked for several years in a couple different Sign Shops as an engraver and Sign Producer ... so now I'm putting up signs instead of making them and I guess that brings me full circle which is pretty cool. Anyway, happy to be here.
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