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  1. Hey guys,

    First time posting on this site. I've been with target for 8 years and recently decided to go from the stores to the DC. I've read all the posts and the only real question I have is do the DCs have any holidays off? Or do they work 365 days a year?
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  2. Pretty sure Christmas is the only day dc's are closed
  3. Welcome! Enjoy the OT & pay raise.
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    welcome to the dc, im currently in inbound myself been here for 4 years, we do not work christmas day, and we do work most all other holidays, you can find the paid holidays in your handbook there are 6 i believe christmas, thanksgiving, new years, july 4, labor day, memorial day, christmas being the only one we close on, occasionally you may flex home early on holidays (or on a regular night) depending on the volume / plan for the night .
    concerning holidays if you work the day of the holiday you receive automatic time and half for the shift as well as banking a days vacation hours, if you do not work the holiday you receive the time and half pay still . any other questions feel free to message me. i myself am currently considering a transfer from the dc to the store
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    Thanks guys. Went through orientation yesterday so got a lot of answers. Starting out seasonal though seems like I won't get a lot of the regular team member benefits. Hoping to be brought on as a regular team member though after the holiday season
  6. The only day our DC is closed is Christmas Day. So it's 24/7/364 :)

    Holiday pay basically = work the holiday, get time-and-a-half, plus a day's vacation added to your accrued time; not work the holiday = a day's pay added to your check. However, holiday pay has some stipulations though, so please check with your HR dept. Don't get your hopes up about flexing down during the holidays, but enjoy the chance if you do! The DC tm's will become the new family you spend your holidays with.
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    Welcome to The Break Room!

    You guys don't get Easter off? Even the stores are closed on Easter.
  8. Nope. The DC operates 24/7/363, with Xmas day and inventory day being the only days we're closed down.
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    Ours was briefly open on inventory day to finish up any docked trailers from the opposite key.
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    How are you liking the D.C. So far ??
  11. We don't even get HOLIDAY PAY for Easter