Archived New York Times: Thanksgiving as Day to Shop Meets Rejection

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Jun 8, 2011

I would love it if there were few shoppers at midnight so this doesn't happen again, but I know that's just wishful thinking.

The article also links to a petition directed at Spot for choosing to open at midnight, which I know Spot won't care about, but it's nice knowing there are some shoppers out there that sympathize with us.
It'll only stop when it inconvenciences the guests, not us.
Phoenix, don't be fooled into thinking that petition was started by some shopper who feels sorry for the employees...yes, some of the people who signed it may sympathize with those who have to work, but they'll be right there in line. They're the reason stores keep opening earlier and earlier...
some people like to *************** about anything. I do though LOVE IT when they "care" about employees but once they are in that line all that "careing" will be gone.

more money for us employees means more money that we can spend so we can be with our families. (ie; plane tickets and gifts for Christmas for example) Plus some don't have families (or in my case rather not have anything to do with them) or some like a few of my co workers are single parents and need the extra money or need to pay rent. No one is forcing you to shop at walmart or anywhere else that will be open early. I have to work over night but I don't mind. More money in my paycheck and with me planing on moving out by year end any bit helps.

I've been Working in retail for almost three years I've come to realize that if you choose to work retail, you will get retail hours and on black friday everyone is expected to work that day. Thats the case with pretty much any retail estashbahment

But you do have a point but like I said above working in retail means retail hours.
Oh, I'm not fooled at all. I know the majority couldn't care less about the people who work retail and the majority probably love the 10pm/midnight openings. I just thought it was interesting that there was a small bit of backlash from non-employees.

It's a shame holidays are more about consumerism than family these days, but oh well, I know what I signed up for when I got a job in retail.
Said it before, say it again.
Retail has said, frell Thanksgiving.]
Christmas is the only thing that matters.
As a Jew, I'm not impressed.
Just signed the petition at Here's what i do when the holiday season Pproaches and they hand out the availability calendar. I don't make myself available unil 8am black Friday. Disclosure: I'm a *very* small fish, a cashier. But really, of nobody made themselves available to work the BF opening hours, they might get a message.... Just sayin'
Funny, pretty much everyone who is working on Thanksgiving itself VOLUNTEERED to be there.

Honestly, I really could care less about the whole working on Thanksgiving/opening midnight Friday thing... Thanksgiving is pretty much dinner and that's it. It might be different if I were younger and back in the time when relatives would come down for the feast and whatnot but... that hasn't happened in forever, and if I were younger I probably wouldn't even be working at Target/at work since I was still in school then.

And tbh, funny how no one seems to complain about all the supermarkets that are open for a limited time on Thanksgiving itself...
That's because they're busy shopping at those stores on Thanksgiving because they forgot something for the dinner or they ran out of something they need for the dinner or they need beer for the football games.
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