Archived Newest Issue of Red: Distribution is not entirely wrong all the time

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Jun 16, 2011
My seething hatred of the black cauldron that is Distribution may be a tad misplaced.

I never could see the logic in how they load up trailers, to me it seemed that they are doing it randomly. Now I see that there is a plan but it's just so outdated that it makes it appear that it is awful.

They ship us our merchandise using a map in the truck. They are trying to make our lives easier by shipping it based on backroom location. They ship us pallets that are unloaded at the truck so that it can be taken immediately off the truck and back stocked right then and there.

Of course unloading a truck is not based on location but rather activity. So their carefully placed merchandise is actually the worst place for us because we have to bowl it and it takes a lot of effort to move it out the way to get to the correct items out there.

In other words: Same planet, different worlds.

/I am still waiting for that Nook Tablet to come in.
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