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Nov 10, 2013
I applied for Target thinking I was gonna be hired to work at the Starbucks which is what the lady said I was being interview for when she called..when I went for my interview she offered me a position as a cashier. I accepted it, thinking it would be fun which it is. But I'm already annoyed with it. I'm on my 3rd training day.. no one is there to tell me where to go after I punch in. Don't know if I should just go to a register or what. All I know is I wanna quit! How do I do so with out sounding rude about it? Or how do I go through finishing up a month or two of the stupid job?


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Jun 9, 2011
Give it a little more time. When you clock in, find the GSTL to find out where they need you.
Talk to your ETL-HR to see if you can eventually move over to SB. If not (& you still can't take it), fill out a voluntary termination form while giving your two week's notice.
If you're not even on the schedule yet, they may let you walk then & there.
If not, do your 2 weeks & don't be tempted to burn bridges. You never know if you'll need to come back for a job.


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Jun 10, 2011
Don't let it get to you.
Keep asking questions, pester them.
I know it's frustrating right now but they are in the 4th quarter and tend to leave people on their own as it is, now it's even worse.
Don't let them.
Fight back.
Let them know you want that place in Starbucks as soon as its possible, I suspect they will be glad to slot you in.
If you do want to quite give your notice and work out your two weeks.
That's what grownup type people do.
Nov 17, 2011
no one is there to tell me where to go after I punch in.

TLs are too busy to stand by the time clock and wait for people to punch in. If you're scheduled as a cashier, go to the front end. Some stores will schedule cashiers on specific registers and schedule specific people to give cashiers breaks, and other stores are more laid back and let cashiers just go to whatever register they want.'

If it's fun, why do you want to quit?
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