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May 29, 2012
So, I figure about August 1st, I need to switch my availability for classes starting after Labor Day. I know I need to talk to my supervisor about this...but, as a cashier, who exactly would this be? One of my GSTLs? The ETL in charge of the front lanes?
Change your availability on the eHR website and mention it to your GSTL.
Thanks. When I change it in the system, there a way to specify a start date to it?
I have to say I have never seen them deny a change like that it's for school.
They're really good about that.
Of course, it could mean you find yourself without any hours or getting scheduled outside your availability (oops, we're sorry but can you come in anyway?).
Most of the time though, it's all good.
we request that you submit a copy of your school schedule to our ETL-HR mailbox along with the availability change. It will be approved as long as you are not asking for days off that you are obviously not in school. (like all Friday nights :pardon:)
Hmm...thanks for that information. I am taking two is Tuesday morning and the other is Wednesday night. The monkey wrench is that I'm also doing my internship. I can't say what sort of internship this is here, because it would start to easily narrow down who I am....I guarantee there are not many employees at Target going for my they could probably easily start narrowing it down. But I will need to talk with the people I am doing that with and find out if they want me there at a set day every week. I was hoping I could just qualify that as "school" since it technically is (it's required). But of course it wouldn't be on any sort of school schedule my school would give out.

I should know more from my internship people later this week. Of course it wouldn't be on a Friday night. ;-)
Unless your "intership" involves working for a competitor, it should still count toward school.
Thanks! It does not! Completely nonprofit....not even selling anything.
Then go, RGirl!
Do well enough on your courses that you'll be able to make this a temp job ;)
That's the plan! I really like the people I am working with, and am chomping at the bit to learn other things besides cashiering. But making Spot a long term career is NOT my first choice. Of course that's nothing against those for who it is.
I go back on August 20th. I want to close BR M-F 4-9, but have a feeling they'll schedule me some HL closing shifts.
AH! Thank you for reminding me! Almost forgot about that! My schedule doesn't really have to change. 99 percent of the time I work closing shift anyway. An opening shift maybe once every 4 or 5 weeks but I'm pretty sure they need to know I can't be in on weekday mornings.
Ok, I got things sorted out today and will basically need all of one day off and another morning/early afternoon off. Both are midweek, here's hoping for the best!
I never got around to talking to my GSTL about it, but I put a note on the bottom that it was for school and it was approved.

It of course helps that said GSTL just got engaged and is probably fairly agreeable to anything right now!
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