Archived pfresh stores how was your first perishable and frozen deliveries?

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Jun 10, 2011
15 pallets of frozen today around 2am and it took us a while....we had to squeeze in like 5 pallets in freezer because it was pass 30 mins...and we had in the truck about 3 pallets with 10 mins for the trucker to leave to his next store..everything got finish by 5 grade to this process today was b- it took us way to long this next truck is going to be a fun one we have our dc truck at 11pm and our fdc come in at 2am...
so tell me how your first fdc truck process went ..i know july remodels should be having your first fdc truck this week so just wondering how its going
my store got its perishables today... frozen tmrw. everything went very smoothly with the exception of hip printers being down so we couldnt monarch.. and the meat scale is also down so we couldnt weigh any chicken.

got the truck at 4... began unloading at 430. total process was complete at 9am. (pushing was done at 730) backstock done at 830-9
Yeah your store sounds like it went well... are you getting a double truck dc/fdc tomorrow
Yes. We are Normally a 4am store not overnight so they authorized to be overnight for a week while we get our initial deliveries in.
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