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Sep 15, 2011
So my store is very low volume and I just had a couple pfresh related questions again. Have 2 PA, one CTL and 2 other TMs that help out here and there. We are still pretty new as a pfresh store and any advice helps :)

So, my first question was about the truck unload itself. We have 5 flow team members working from 8-12 or 12:30 on about 6-8 pallets depending on the day. Now, does the PA in your store usually spend the 8-12 or so helping the flow team or do they usually just go about the routines and help only if needed. These 5 members have been very good at spotting credit opportunities and culling and one of them is one of the market TMs that work 2-3 times a week. Myself and another team member have differing views on what the PA should actually be doing during this time.

My other question was how do you usually go about the morning autofills. It seems like I have way to much push to do just by myself and I can barely get to any deep culling. My freezer usually has a full metro rack with half bakery and half other frozen items. My dairy and produce are usually full, with the meat pull being about half of a metro rack. There is also sometimes another 3 tier cart that has a few produce items that are on the table like onions, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. To top if off our backroom and pfresh are also the whole length of the store apart, instead of some other stores around the area where their backroom door leads into pfresh. Usually it takes me til 7:30 or 8 to get all the push done. Is there usually a backroom TM that helps or in your stores does the PA just do it by themselves. They have said to just ask for help if I need but everyone else from 6-8 is usually very busy doing specific things that need to get done as well.

Also does your closer usually fill up the milk, eggs, and bananas as well as do a full zone because when I come in to open usually I ALSO have to fill up all of those and zone. Anyway thanks for any replys. I know there probably arent too many pfresh members in here but any input is a huge help, thank you :)
Ya i close two days, open 2 days and then open, close, or mid the other day. When closing I normally get all the cleaning routines complete, all QMOS processed and dumped or donated, meat coupons up, culling expiring product, zone, pushing out bananas, eggs, milk to full. Usually like 90% of the time when I open I walk into pfresh and it is not zoned and bananas milk and eggs are half empty :(. We rarely have mids now. When we do they work like 1-5 or 12-4.

The order days are fun closing too haha. Another 30 minutes to an hour of push on those nights from the order pull. Last sunday I came into opening with 11 vehicles of push because our closer couldnt work the order pull for whatever reason the night before.

Anyway just from the routines the first thing listed is pushing autofills then do culling and qmosing so thats the order ive been trying to do things in, just doesnt seem to work out very well. And of those 5 tms pushing truck, one usually just does the B-Code labels on anything going back so it is ready to be backstocked while the other 4 push out the product. When we push the meat I just take whatever I need to weigh from the pull, weigh it and put it out.

Our trucks were originally coming in at 6-8, and now for whatever reason they have them coming in right at closing the night before which they now changed again so we are going to be receiving our orders anywhere from 6-9pm the night before. I hate it and dont like it at all because we have to unload it all, stage it, and do all the receiving 3 nights a week now, cutting even more time out of routines. Makes it hard to clean any of the floors or get to anything when pallets are filling all the space, sigh...oh well
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I also forgot to mention the 5 team members that do unload also do regular truck unload so they have to take a lunch at 8 which means they dont actually start unload til 8:30 and if they did help with autofills it wouldnt even be til then. I wish i could have it like your store with them coming in earlier and staying til about the same time even if there is one less person
On non truck days my flow team pushes ALL autofills including all p-fresh. On truck days the PA is usually scheduled under flow hours and kinda oversees the team. They are there to help push and answer any questions. I have the team pushing cooler and freezer while the pa along with a few that understand produce and meat help them push. The PA comes in around 6. If we haven't received the pfresh truck yet we still get those autofills pushed first and then finish as much as my gm truck as possible. When the food truck arrives everyone but softlines and electronics comes and knocks it out. The PA keeps an eye on things by produce and watches the time we have product on the floor as well as constantly bringing new stock to the floor to push. We only bring as much to the floor that I know we can stock in 20 min or less. When all that truck is done the PA helps finish pushing my gm truck. Afterall they are under my hours and sometimes I have to remind then I need help.

The pershiable TL ignores everything that is going on and instead of watching over the team while I am running around or on break she will complain about issues. If you even cared about your area you would take the opportunity to retrain tm if they are doing things wrong or coach them to increase their speed. But its not her job so she is no help. Try running a team of 34 versus a team of 2. I'd say she gets off easy.

A backroom tm backstocks as quickly as they an while we are pushing so the rooms dont get behind. The backroom also does nightly manual cafs for the pfresh team which they push at night before morning trucks come in. Our PA would fill the milk. We would push it if it came out in the autofills. Milk has been switched back and forth from one team to another and don't remember who is doing it now.
You should not be pushing the truck like everybody else. You should be culling in the morning and overseeing things. PAs are quality control, not pack mules. For example you could discreetly check on the teams FIFO. If you help push and they don't FIFO, your pfresh is going to suffer. You'll throw away more product, have to order more food, get stuck with more back stock, and then they'll need your help pushing even more.

Best advice I can give is: do the things you know no one else has time for.
Since you're low volume, you probably don't have an ON team. Have your closing PA drop manual CAFs and pull them night before truck.
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