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Dec 1, 2011
Hello Pharmacy team - I know there are a few of you here -

Do you have suggestions to raise the Genuine Health Care survey score? Ours has been yellow for a while :wacko:
Always make sure you ask if the pharmacist can answer any questions...tell the guest the instructions on any new medications, especially for kids with liquid antibiotics (such as "it doesn't need to be refrigerated, but we recommend that you do because it makes it taste better"). Even though those technically aren't GHC related, guests perceive them as such. We also ask almost every guest that comes by the pharmacy "CIHYFS?". The BIG thing is to respond to them QUICKLY when they come to the counter and be knowledgeable about the OTC products and location (particularly vitamins)...of course, don't answer anything you're not supposed to (although we do from time to time because it's common sense). Our ETL-Rx gets so irritated when we have to ask someone else where something is on the floor because guests perceive it negatively and when our HBA aisles were redone a few months ago, everything was moved around and nobody knew where anything was and our scores dropped to yellow for a few weeks so she had me draw up a "map" of where everything was and had us each spend a little time out on the floor getting "reacquainted" where everything was moved. Now that we're all used to it, I'm sure they'll move it all again ;)
lol i made a map of our new hba section for my pharmacy too! Yea the GHCS is so annoying it goes up and down for us. The biggest impact seems to be acknowledging the guest as soon as they get to the counter, asking CIHYFS to any and everybody that walks by the pharmacy and helping people in hba. Yet before you say anything make sure you know where it is and have a little bit of knowledge on it. The guest hate when you give them vague directions. The thing that works best for us is to offer counseling from the pharmacist about recommendations, telling them to go to guest service if we have no idea where it is and if we do know where it is alot of people like us to walk them to the aisle. When we have time we then do the whole bit of have you used Target Pharmacy before, yada yada.
Our pharmacy is consistently scored a 3.9 in an A volume store. It isn't uncommon for the pharmacist to actually walk out from behind the counter to walk a guest to the over the counter meds they are looking for.. OH! and she remembers her repeat customers names!

How she does it and still gets her work done is beyond me!
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