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Jun 10, 2011
Do any of you guys get to adjust hours according to the adjacency calendar published in your current work week? For example, at the time our schedule is created (two weeks out), presentation hours on the adjacency calendar reads 130 hours. Print out the adjacency calendar for that same week during the actual work week (two weeks later) and the presentation hours jumps to 160 hours. We were scheduled the 130 hours, and told that is all we get. Anyone have experience with this? It seems to me my team is shorted 30 hours by the time the work week actually rolls around!
I was always told the hours on the adjacency calendar also took into consideration pull times for the POGs? Is it true? I don't know, may have been some bs they laid on me when I was a tm.
LOL, wow, you actually get the hours originally called out in the adjacency calendar? We routinely get our hours cut, sometimes even halved from the calender. We've had sets that are budgeted and call for 250 hours and when the week rolls around we only have 150 hours between all the Plano TMs. It's amazing that we're still green for our YTD scores.
The most common reason for hours to increase on the adjacency calendar is the revision hours. The revision hours usually don't get added in until one week out. So if you look at the hours for revisions for weeks that are to far out it might say 0 hours. This happens to us all the time.
If you are only losing 30 hours a week for plano you need to be happy. Some stores get cut so bad you think you'll actually bleed.
We're lucky if we have half the hours called for in the adjacency calendar.
adjacency calendar time is based on cleaning, setting, pulling, pushing. not backstocking, merchandising clearance, setting salesplanners (except clanes)etc. if my team does these, they change workcenters since my etl is a payroll nazi who constantly pulls us to push frozen, get carts, cashier, cash office or whatever else he feels like. anyways..

the worst i have seen our payroll was during a 250 hour adjacency week i got 80 hours. me and one person. it was a miserable week. after a very long discussion with the stl, it's improved a little. i adjust my teams schedule based on the payroll he allows us from plan, but its usually only 60% of the calendars alotted hours. the month of may i averaged 24 hours (as a tl). june was 32. hopefully july is looking lots better, should be around 35. we are a c volume. it will vary greatly by stl as well. our former stl added 2 people to the team, and all 6 got 40 hours a week for the last 3 years. after she left, i was put in charge, and payroll got slashed with our new stl. theyre lucky to have shifts in pog.
in agreement, we are all in the same boat! I was hoping to hear that my particular store was scheduling all wrong and I would have had all you guys to back me up. ( I'm a pretty new TL for presentation) Wow, presentation really is pretty outrageous all over the place. We pull our own stuff too and by Friday we are all so stressed it is ridiculous. I don't know how much longer I can hang on before burn out sets in! This week I am pretty much by myself for 131 hours of the hell am I supposed to accomplish that! and ring, and do service breaks, and take care of guests, keep the fixture room clean and safe, and do paperwork etc..etc..etc.. it's almost worth a call to corporate for unsafe/unhealthy working conditions that that would be heard by anyone!
whatever2009, what's your Signing TM doing during your sets? I keep the fixture room clean and jump in to help pull batches if the backroom team can't get to them. You shouldn't be spending so much time in the back when your workload calls for you to be on the salesfloor so much, either setting by yourself or leading your team if you have someone with you that day.
our signing guy knows he's gonna have monday for catching up if he needs it, and is setting the rest of the signing as we set. unless it's huge, like overheads/seasonal, he's helping me set and push. he's awesome. and the only person i know will be scheduled at least 24 hours :D
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