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Jun 10, 2011
So, I am trained in a bunch of workcenters at my store, but now they are training me for price change...can anyone tell me what I should expect as a price change team member that may help me before my first day working in that workcenter?
Make sure you scan each item and enter the quantity you see! Good luck if you are doing bts markdowns!
Make sure you scan each item and enter the quantity you see! Good luck if you are doing bts markdowns!
Yeah, that's where we'll be. They need extra help during this time and I was also told I will probably get hours there around Christmas time as things get crazy then as well.
Pretty simple. PDA, printer, labels.

If you're doing softlines, make sure to stop by guest service and check out the reshop for any price change items.
Yeah BTS and after christmas is when we have the heaviest workloads it is insane, especially if ptms arent being worked
Also check for any hanging merchandise in the backroom, especially if there are any racks, flats, or tubs that weren't pushed out or if any clearance came off the truck (I got a tub full of D.72 off the truck last week which had gone clearance the previous week). Check for any PTMS that may be in the backroom since some of that could be going clearance. Most importantly, key the quantity that you see in front of you and not what the OH count says since there could ne more product in the Backroom Workload (price change accuracy is scored based on Expected vs Actual), or the counts could even be completely wrong. Remember to sign clearance properly as well.
The job is tedious, boring as sin and after 5 hours in Women's apparel you want to burn the entire store down. Still, it's pretty breezy compared to other jobs. Be mindful of what your scanning and how much quantities you are inputting. If you notice major OH quantity issues let the PC TL know or leave them a note.
It is not a difficult job but it accuracy is vital. I don't know how many times I've found price change labels put in the wrong locations. It messes up push, research, etc. Be accurate. They will want you to also be fast but speed will come with practice. If you have a good trainer you will be fine. I don't find it boring, I find it relaxing. To each his own.
If you don't have sales floor coverage in the morning, you may also have to push re-shop after huddle and assist guests.
This sounds like the easiest job!
I find being a PATL more difficult than when I was a Salesfloor TL, Instocks TL, Presentation TL, and Backroom TL because I have state laws that I have to remember to stay compliant with Weights and Measures, every single workcenter effects my workcenter, my team only has that shift to complete the work on time because come 7pm, the work is considered overdue, and unlike other areas who fake out salesplanner ties to stay green, I can't do that unless I want to adversely affect the accuracy score and shortage indicator. Of those of you who replied, how many are PATLs and have a Green YTD Accuracy? I am and I do, and like I said, it is NOT easy being green, and ranked in the top 30 stores in the entire company for Price Change Accuracy.
Ive been PATL now moved to salesfloor. Everything you said is true. When i took over pc at my store it was blood red and when i left it was green ytd. Definitely not the easiest job in the store!
Yeah I don't know anything about weights and measures. I only see them printing labels in the backroom. I guess it could be hard to find the product on the floor since I find a lot that isn't marked.
it is NOT easy being green

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