Feb 27, 2021
Hello all,

I’ve been on the A1 shift at my DC for about a month now. (My orientation was on 2/23/21). I’m just now breaking 140-150/hr (goal is around 200). I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong? All the others who were hired with me are already 170-205/hr. As far as I know I think I’m still in my ramp up period. I don’t take excessive breaks. I make sure to get a good machine. I’m learning to pivot and throw the boxes instead of walking them. I’m constantly moving. And it seems like the other guys are spending more time moving up and down on the Order Picker than I am (they stop then go up). I’ve never seen them ask for advice like I have yet their numbers are higher than mine? My OMs advice was to do everything I’m already doing. I finish my side of the aisle before or at the same time as the other person. I feel like a complete failure. I’m doing everything I need to yet I’m not even close to their numbers. I’m already working as fast as I can. I like the work but everyday I dread coming to work because it seems no matter how hard I try my efforts will go in vain. My OM hasn’t talked to me about my performance as of late, but before he said I was doing a fantastic job (that was before when the other new hires were at 75-90 and I was at 110). I have no clue what I’m missing here or how the others all of a sudden go from 75 to 170-200/hr in a matter of 2 days...
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