Proposed termination date

Nov 15, 2020
I need help I just put in my 2 weeks notice on Nov 12 and put the 26th as my proposed termination date. Before I put in my 2 weeks I had a shift on the 27 and 28th. But after submitting my notice they then got rid of my shift on the 28th but still have my shift on the 27th. Do I have to attend that shift even though my proposed termination date is on the 26th?

Also can an ETL or HR reject your propesed termination date?
May 6, 2020
I hope you put in your notice through Workday with the your last day shown.

If so print a copy of it and/forward it to your personal email address showing your last day is November 26th.

If Target still schedules you after November 26th that is no longer your concern.

Good luck.