Question about GM stats

Jan 21, 2024
Hi, new GM here, still in probation

I actually try to do a good job, working many hours a week, never called out, I keep myself busy all day hoping to get a pay raise
but recently I was told that the gm pull stat is a team thing, and we don't have individual stats like the opu guys
If this is true, what will my performance evaluation be based on? Are there stats for individual GMs? What do I need to do to check all the boxes?

We have a TL who likes to pull everything from the backroom and wants us to stock shelves only, he looks like an honest hardworking guy, but if there are secret individual stats, I need to make my own stats look good
We have other GMs who like to have conversations, skip locations, etc. I usually just mind my own business, and I always lower my priorities to just single digits before I clock out. Last night I was asked to take over a section after the other GM leaves, the GM said he "just finished pulling the section" in front of the TL, but holy crap he skipped over a lot of stuffs. If it's a "team stat", it seems impossible to singlehandedly make a change

It's a minimum wage job and people don't care, I completely get it. I care a little more because I'm trying to make up for some poor decisions in the past. My store performs pretty well, sales-wise. Will it be realistic to expect a bump up to 16 or more an hour after probation?

Raises occur once a year and aren't really the best. If your new you will only get so much of the raise either like if you worked 3 months you get 1/4 the amount of the raise for being there 1/4 of the year. Your individual stats aren't really going to matter. Very limited amount of tms will get the best raise and if it's similar to last year it'll only be a 1% or 2% difference. Tbh your only chance is getting the whole store minimum going up and at that point you would probably lose whatever raise you get anyways.