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Apr 4, 2012
My husband is contemplating not returning after his STD LOA is up. He sustained an injury (though we could not *prove* it happened at work because he didn't report it immediately....thus no worker's comp) and has been on a STD LOA for almost 2 months. Though it's healed, his doctor stated that it is something that could easily happen again, given the nature of the injury and the physical demands of working in OB of the distribution center. He's not sure he wants to risk this happening again, so he's thinking about resigning.

My question is are there any potential repercussions to not returning following this sort of leave? I know that when I went out on maternity leave, I was told that if I failed to return following the leave, I'd have to repay the benefits I received during the leave. Is this something that Spot could potentially demand? I know that we'll lose all medical benefits for anything following the resignation, but my concern is for the STD pay and medical benefits paid out during the leave. Does anyone know for sure how this could affect us?

If he chooses not to return, how much advanced notice would you give? The approval letter he got for the LOA said that if he didn't return back on the scheduled return date, they'd assume he'd resigned his position. Should he just go that route, or go ahead and give notice?

Also, can he request to get his personal days paid out while on LOA? He only has a few hours, but I've heard personal days don't get paid out after resignation. He's getting STD benefits based on about 31 weekly hours, so there's room for the personal days to reach his maximum allowed hours per week.

Sorry for all of the questions....just want to make sure we have our ducks ina row and are able to make as informed of a decision as possible.

Thanks for your help!
Not sure on dc status on loa. But I do know spot doesn't pay only on personal days, only vacation.
Annie, your ears on?
again, I am not sure on dc's deal - but as far as I know, you can choose not to return and resign. There is a classification for that type of termination. IMHO, you received the benefits while you were still a team member, so it shouldn't have to be repaid. In fact I have never heard of having to repay that type of benefits.

while I was on paid loa, I have had to pay my insurance costs - but that is all.
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