Archived Question about sending stuff to work

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Jul 4, 2011
Recently someone at our store sent flowers to someone he is dating for their birthday To the store both of them are team members but work different hours.

Just wondering if thats frowned upon or if its not that much of a deal at all.
I just wonder where the recipient kept the flowers during the shift. It's not like a team member can put them on their desk.
As long as there is not an conflict of interest in it.... I wouldn't think that there would be a problem. I'd encourage it.
I think it's kinda cute. As long as your leadership was nice, they could keep it in their office and surprise said TM later on.
It's sweet and makes work just that little more bearable.
Good bosses will do what they can make sure the person gets it and has a place to put it.
Guest Services will receive it. Then either the LOD or GSTL or someone will take it off the floor to the breakroom.
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