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Sep 4, 2011
On the TV wall anyone know the name of the song that plays in the ad just after the woman screams in excitement about something, I haven't actually watched it just heard it 100 times during work. The song is cool but youtube gave me no results or I am missing it. You guys know which one I am talking about, it started playing about less than a week ago.

I tend to block those out for my sanity maybe someone else has an idea?
i work today. i'll listen and try and figure it out.

you're talking about the 'omigerd collerge' commercial?
I can't find it out, listened to it in the background all day today, it sounds cool.
Our H&B department is right across from entertainment. So all I hear is a Toy Story 3 commercial. =/
I'm sure everyone already hates the hunger games whistling commercial!!!
And "where's the flash?" "found it!"
Oh it's a wireless connection!
We can see it! But we can't hear it!

*if this happened to me, i'd husband smash that lady so fast*
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