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Sep 15, 2011
In stores that have the photo Id name badges are you able to swipe those through the time clock to clock in? That would be awesome because at the moment some of our number buttons don't work so you have to push super hard. It almost feels like you're going to rip it off the wall.
Thats awesome. Is it a magnetic strip or is it just a barcode like the one on your discount card? Or do you even have a discount card if you have that kind of badge? Would you say its possible to swipe your discount card through the time clock? Its just annoying having to push the buttons so hard. One of them was sent out for repair a while back and now the buttons look new but they are still kind of hard to push... Waaaaaaaa I wish we had the id cards :-(
True but its not there anymore. Somewhere in the range of 5 years ago when we got new time clocks they did away with that one (In the backroom in between the bathroom and water fountain). Now we only have 2 at TSC.
Wow! 2 clocks at tsc!

Yeah lol They're right beside each other on the wall in between the HR office and the lockers. Directly across from them is the TSC door to go outside.

How many do you have?
What's the point of the one in the backroom? Makes no sense to me.
Ditto at ours.
Having 2 at the same area seems kinda whack unless you got REALLY LONG lines clockin' in/out.
When the specialty teams come in there's tons of people clocking in. Two in the same place makes it easier to get everyone in.

I guess maybe what each of us is used to seems easier.
What if you're late getting back from lunch and there's ten people waiting to use it then you're gonna be even more late.
Yeh, we have occasional surges at the clock during peak shift changes.
What's the point of the one in the backroom? Makes no sense to me.

If you're a backroom TM and you have to punch in/out in the front of the store, then you have to waste time walking to/from the backroom while you're on the clock.
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