Quitting while on a LOA and Final Warning?

Aug 23, 2014
So I put a LOA in November because my store was writing people up for the smallest thing. My issue was that they had me in cosmetics and they didn’t have want to move me to another area because I was on CCA. I took the LOA to save myself from termination, but apparently just found out that it doesn’t stop the timer on on CCAs and Final.

My store literally took the guest service waaaay too serious, they would PDD me for not interacting with guests or for not greeting them or not being on their face to forcefully sell them something which I declared to them that Cosmetics was not my thing, and I didn’t like to do that sort of approach to people. They put me on final in summer, for “failing to do this”.

I have no problem asking people if they need help, good morning, good afternoon, etc etc but they literally wanted me to be on their face worse than people on the mall and car sellers.

Now I that I found out it won’t do anything well I don’t really care anymore because I have several job options I’ve found across during this time off, but I would like to know for a way to resign in good terms. I’m about to exhaust all of my VAC, Sick, and Personal hours. Then from there I’ll proceed to do it on Workday?

What’s the best advice?


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Apr 30, 2017
Yes, do it on workday.
The fact that you had several CCAs and you are on a final already means you most likey wont be rehired.


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Jun 9, 2011
Don't worry about resigning on 'good terms' because they've pretty much made up their minds.
When you've used up all your paid time, come back & put in your two weeks.
They likely won't even let you finish it out which will free you all the sooner.
Sep 25, 2019
Just leave after the 2 wks. You'll do much better! Several years ago we had an asshole market team lead who would badger the customers to no end. There was a very nice lady who shopped our market about 3 times per week, every week on truck days. She was very pleasant and knew where everything was. This moron would "CIHYFS" every fucking day, and more than once per her trip. She politely said to him while we were pushing freight "I appreciate your offering help but please, stop asking me so much, it's getting irritating. If I need assistance going forward I will find someone to ask."