1. G

    Paid LOA whilr pregnant

    Does anyone know the name of the paid leave I can take for being pregnant during covid.. My ETL told me, but I don't remember the name. She said there's one I can take for 17weeks and one for 12 weeks I believe. I don't go back to work until Saturday.
  2. S

    Personal LOA-Reason?

    I am looking at taking a personal loa basically because I’m at the end of my rope. The stress of work and stress at home is putting me over the edge. Can anyone who has been through the process explain how it works? How detailed do you have to go with HR when requesting the LOA? Who...
  3. T

    Personal leave question

    So I know the person leave max time under covid is 120 days. I have a question regarding if I decide not to return after 120 days, would I still be able to re apply back under safer circumstances in the future I'd I dont return or dontou think they would put me down as a nonrehirable? I'm just...
  4. A

    LOA question for someone in HR

    My son to LOA at the beginning of the pandemic due to being high risk for complications at the recommendation of HR. He exhausted his LOA time off and never contacted HR about returning to work or resigning. I would assume he was terminated. If that's the case, can he still be rehired?
  5. B

    Pricing and Presentation TTFN

    It’s 7:30am. I’m drinking a glass of wine, a toast to my friends and co-workers. Thanks for everything. 20 1/2 years of overnight, 16 of it on Planogram. Thank God for LoA. I never have been able to do the same thing all year long. Spot has been good to me. I have rankled at the idiotic changes...
  6. B


    Hi all, I’m wondering if you can start work before ur LOA ends or you have to wait till it’s over? Do you typically go back to ur same department or you’re placed where it’s needed?
  7. IHaveNoIdea

    Taking a medical leave of absence?

    I've taken a personal loa once before last year because of the raging pandemic, but I really need to take a medical leave now. I've been having significant problems with my legs, especially my knees which sometimes feel like they crunch like Rice Krispies. It used to be just doing heavy...
  8. T

    Disability Leave

    So I got approved for 30 days unpaid leave. My question is since I tried to go to unemployment for help unemployment told me target offered disability pay through a private plan. I HAVE that plan. I forget what it was called it was LoD something. And they told me I had to file the claim with...
  9. F

    Benefits How can I find out a loa is approved and when pay will start

    How can I check if loa has been approved and when will pay start
  10. C

    COVID-19 Covid leave question

    I’m getting conflicting information from my store HRTM and the Target Benefits hotline. Hoping someone who’s been there done that can break the tie. Yesterday my husband tested positive for Covid. The rest of the household (me included) took a rapid test and it came back negative. I have a...
  11. M

    What number do I call to put my numbers back in the system after LOA

    I took loa because of an exposure to covid and I got a letter in the mail confirming my loa and I threw it away and a coworker told me the number was probably on the paper so I don't know what I call because I want to keep my job but I don't know what to do
  12. N

    Would it be obnoxious to call HR again.

    Hi, This may be a dumb question, but I'm tryna end a LOA and after calling the HR four times over three days (the rest of them didn't answer), they said that they'd call be back today at noon to develop a schedule. Of course nobody called me today, yall think I should try to call them again...
  13. G

    can i request time off or check if i DID request time off from home?

    i am currently on quarantine for coming into contact with covid...and i need to make sure i requested the last week off of dec off for vacation....is there any way to request this time off , or make sure i DID take off from home?
  14. KillerTL

    Parental Leave?

    Anyone have any experience with parental leave? My wife is having a baby at the end of the month, I am waiting on a call back from target pay and benefits. I was just curious if the leave is fully paid or what percentage for the 4 weeks.
  15. K

    Extending LOA

    Hi! I recently went on LOA for a month and was wanted to extend it until The new year but I didn’t know if that was possible. Do any of you know if I asked to extend would they let me? And also how do I give them my new schedule for when I come back from leave?
  16. N

    Rehiring after educational leave and quitting online?

    Hi! I went on educational leave after working at Target for around 3 months, and then quit online using the employee website (which I’ve since forgotten what it’s called). When I quit, I set the quit date to I think a month later. Would it be possible for me to be rehired at a different store in...
  17. A

    Breaks from School

    Ok so if my availability during the school year is a max of 20 hours a week with open days (everyday except wed), will leadership make me or automatically change my availability to a higher maximum or will I have the choise to leave it be if I am happy with it?? Since I am only a part time...
  18. O

    Targeted for taking LOA?

    Hello, and questions! Is it common for management to try and performance out otherwise fantastic team members, due to their necessary LOA’s, intermittent LOA’s, ADA accommodation requests, etc? Basically, is it commonplace for SOME management in some stores to want to trim you off as the piece...
  19. S

    Answered On leave and cant access the mytimeapp

    Ok so I'm on leave for 2 weeks and I noticed I cant access the mytime app now, app shows I'm no longer authorized. Is that normal?
  20. Z

    Taking an unpaid LOA

    Can you take an LOA if you’re on CA? Also can you request that LOA over the phone?