1. L

    Education Leave question

    I'm going on an education leave on aug 27 and I was wondering if my discount would still be active? also how do I stop my education leave? thank u
  2. K

    New Transfer Options?

    I just transferred to a new store that's two and a half hours away from my old store due to a move for college. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I have to move back to the city (where my old store is located) for the summer, and won't be back until the fall. Right now, I'm probably...
  3. D

    New family leave?

    Anyone else hear in the news about targets revamped family leave and childcare benefits? Just saw in the news, but wondering if anyone has any info on it.
  4. CsideMaster

    Need advice on next move

    As some of you know I took a LOA for family issues back in April until May 19th. I originally wasn’t aware that I had to check in with the store before my leave ended, no one told me, I assumed I would be scheduled on the 19th. So I checked in with them on the 20th and told them I was ready to...
  5. CsideMaster

    Returning from LOA

    I’ve been on leave for a bit and put my return date for tomorrow, I went into my store tonight to check the schedule to see if I’m on for tomorrow and turns out I’m not on at all this upcoming week or the next one up to June 1st. My HR ETL wasn’t in, and the LOD I spoke to said to come in Monday...
  6. CsideMaster

    LOA Question

    Am i entitled to any of my accrued time be It vacation or sick hours when taking a LOA? Or is it completely unpaid? Just curious because was thinking of taking one due to family stuff. Thanks in advance.
  7. S

    Pregnancy @ Target

    Ok I know the headliner is a little weird but hear me out: How does target handle TMs getting pregnant in each job? I would imagine someone having a baby from softlines would be a little different from hardliners, cashier, or even backroom. Ya ASANTS and all but if any of y’all have been/know...
  8. M


    What are the odds corporate let’s someone who’s been at their store 10 months take a leave of absence?
  9. T

    quit job or take an loa

    I've been with Target for 5 years and I recently got a job offer and I'm considering either putting my two weeks in or doing an LOA. I of course would not tell Target that I got a new job if I were to take a LOA. Would saying personal reasons be okay? Or since I'm in school, should I say an...
  10. B

    Resigning on LOA

    I'm a student who has been working at Target for about 2 1/2 years now. I'm currently on educational LOA, and after this year, I will probably only have 3 months left of LOA for my upcoming years of college. I understand that I can resign over phone call during my LOA so that I don't have to go...
  11. K

    Two weeks notice

    I’m currently on maternity leave which ends at the end of the month. I’m not planning to go back. HR and my TL have known it was a possibility from the beginning so it really won’t come as a surprise. My question is, has anyone put in their two weeks notice while either on maternity leave or...
  12. N

    Leaving while on LOA?

    Greetings: I am currently on Leave of Absence as I am a full-time student. I will be graduating in May and I am not sure I want to come back to my store. I know that if you do not return by the end of your LOA you voluntarily terminated your position. With that being said, should I give a...
  13. C

    Opinions on This?

    I have an ETL at my store who has been talking about going to graduate school for international business but doesn't want to leave target to exclusively do that. So I asked 1) Are ETLs able to do a LOA for education like TMs? 2) are there college reimbursement plans? I don't know what kind of...
  14. prettydeadboy

    The Process of LOA for Medical Leave

    Some time around April, May, or June I’ll be undergoing surgery. I’ve checked out past threads regarding this and I have a vague idea of what to do up to and including first contacting Hewitt/Target Leave and Disability with a HR TM and filling out important paperwork to document the case. I’ll...
  15. T

    Advice/help needed. LOA is over and still have not been scheduled to return in a month.

    Last year in the early fall, I requested to not work past a certain time due to panic attacks and I provided psychiatrist's notes and filled out forms. And I was told that I would need a ADA Review/Meeting to approve it. But as this was going on, I was continued to be scheduled to work. Fast...
  16. M

    Bad scheduling coming back from LOA and want to quit now...

    Hi guys! So I just finished my semester at school and I am going back to work tomorrow after being on an educational LOA but since I have been put back on the schedule I have had so many issues. When HR first contacted me in October asking about dates I'm available in December I purposefully...
  17. S

    Just a number in a huge corporation!

    I talked to HQ about taking a medical LOA and completed the computer information that I was told to complete. I told the HR TL and HR ETL at the store level that I was taking a medical LOA, spoke to the former HR ETL about the steps I needed to take in order to take a medical LOA (he informed...
  18. P

    Back from LOA, Everything's Changed!

    So, I took a Leave of Absence in January and am now just returning from it. Unfortunately, I didn't realize returning that Target would change so much! For instance, the Move App on the Zebra is now used to pull batches versus what it was used as for Ship to/from store. Anyways, I had a few...
  19. T

    First Time requesting LOA, Advice Needed

    Hi, this is my first time posting. I've worked at Target since Feb 2015 as a Hardlines Salesfloor Team member. And for the first time since I started my job I've injured my left knee and right ankle. (Not at work.) I've not been able to go to work since November 6th because I'm in the process of...
  20. V

    LOA Problem

    Hey All! I have a huge question that nreds to be answered. So I recently requested an LOA from my target and was denied because I havment worked there long enough. My HR ETL told me that because I’m just over my 90 days that I can’t get an LOA. Is this true? I thought that being over 90 means...