Loa question

Oct 17, 2018
My guess is , if your loa is less than 3 months you will surely be back on your position else they have authority to change your position . One of my fellow tm is on LOA and she got an email from target saying the same as she was reaching 3 months soon . But it’s upto your TL/etl . For her case , our TL will give her position back once she returns probably by early fall . Have a talk with your management for more clarity .


May 9, 2020
Also every position is an equal position now and in every job description it says you can work in any department as necessary for the business. That being said it's smart to keep someone in a position they are familiar with.
My district has been rid of the dbo model for over a year and I'm pretty sure it's going to more and more areas. When you come back there might not be dbos at all.