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Jun 10, 2011
OK, I decided to do this in a separate thread rather then bite the head off some poor soul who said that we should be glad that we have jobs in one of the 'Target has made yet another decision that will be taking us away from our family's for the holidays' threads.
Yes, I freaking well know the economy sucks, that unemployment is hovering somewhere around 8.6% with seasonal adjustment, and that compared to other places Spot isn't the worst place to work however...
None of that changes some basic facts about how craptasticly the decisions about the holiday hours have been handled or what we are expected to swallow in the process.
I keep thinking about the ads for the 'Spark' card where the boss makes the freaking card the employee of the month.
His employees are nailing gunning the Mona Lisa and jumping off the second floor but they're not good enough because they don't save like the frelling 'Spark' card.
Or the one where the building is the employee of the month because after all when you can save the company money and don't talk back you deserve to have your picture up in the hallway.
By not being honest with us, by waiting till the last minute to make these decisions, Spot has made us into the 'Spark' card.
We need to bend to their convenience and stop kvetching when things don't fit into their plans.
If they had planned this out ahead of time, announced well ahead, I don't think you would have threads that are pages and pages long.
People would plan according and gotten on with it.
But to have this dumped on us and then get told we're being fckng ungrateful?
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i hate being told the appreciate my job or to be grateful that i have a job. i earned my job, my position, and my "title" which was then stripped away from me through no fault of my own. i'm the one who bent over backwards to learn everything i could.

and you're right, had they planned this, maybe there wouldn't be so much back lash. i feel sorry for those who have family far away... who may have already bought planes tickets or whatever.. all the ppl in corporate and business partners aren't going to be in the stores doing the grunt work with those of us who really make this company run.
I hate when people say 'be happy you have a job". That is so stupid. I do the job I am paid to do and I do it well. I go above and beyond daily. I am happy I have a job in this economy, but that does not entitle my employer to treat me or my coworkers as second class citizens. Respect is earned daily and lost daily, I think you know how I feel at this point. The only bright spot I can see is that things go in cycles. A few years back Target had to beg for people to work for them. There were opportunities everywhere and the employee got to be choosy. Right now the employer gets the upper hand. In a few years we will have a scum of the earth workforce because of the reputation we are making for ourselves as far as being a worker friendly company, There is no way these decisions have been made in the last few weeks. This has been months in the making. If we were told up front so we could adjust our family parties and get togethers it would be a lot easier to take. But to spring it on you the day the schedules are being written shows a total lack of respect for your team. Target is a part of our lives but not our whole lives. We have Christmas eve and Christmas day to spend with our families. We have worked our asses off and deserve the same work/life balance as the people in Minneapolis. Had we known earlier we could have made different plans.
Ebenezer Scrooge: And be good enough to leave me alone during business hours.
Nephew Harry: Seven o'clock on Christmas Eve? That's not business hours, that's drudgery for the sake of it, and an insult to all men of goodwill.

Ebenezer: I suppose you'll be wanting the whole day tomorrow.
Bob Cratchit: If quite convenient, sir.
Ebenezer: Every Christmas you say the same thing. And every Christmas it's just as inconvenient as the Christmas before. Good night.

This is really nothing new, is it?
I've gone from being proud of who I worked for & the job I did to doing whatever it takes to get through the day.
As much as I'd like to be able to walk out during the holidays just to let them see if a 'trained monkey' could REALLY do everything I've been doing, I can't jump ship until I find something that pays better & offers the bennies my kids need.
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