I have never seen a rat in our store but there are numerous rat traps set in the backroom for some time now . Hopefully we don’t have any and our backroom looks reasonably clean on most days .
We have rats… they get into all the food…and crap everywhere 🤮
Crazy we just have a bird problem, with occasional gnats because of damaged food. Funny thing is they just let the birds be because we’ve got some protected species here. Idk how they would even catch the birds if they tried lol
At my grocery store job back in the day there was a freaky large sewer rat I named Templeton who was beefy and jacked enough to literally lift the spring-bar of any rat trap off his neck and saunter away with a mouthful of free peanut butter...he was sighted very regularly for over a year scurrying out of dog and cat food bags which then needed to be damaged out. One night my psycho pointy haired boss caught him polishing off a bag of cat treats, and the XXXXL rodent practically reared up on his hind legs and gave boss man a long piercing snarl right in his face, which I guess was rodent for "WANNA FUCKIN GO, ASSHOLE?!" I wish this tale had the wholesome ending of Templeton gnawing his way through boss man's chest cavity and freeing us from our oppression, but sadly the company finally called in the exterminators and Templeton was never seen or heard from again, RIP
When did the phrase "back in the day" become popular?

well acccording to Google it appears to have gained popular usage sometime back in the day, which is to say a long ass time ago, in ye olden times, or the before-time of yore and roughly synonymous with the early Holocene period also known as the 1980s A.D. Apparently I was born during this prehistoric aeon to a lowly clan of anatomically and behaviorally modern hunter-gatherers (that is, if I didn't actually emerge spontaneously from a pool of primordial organic soup) but sadly I have no recollection of this period since memories tend to fade after so many tens of thousands of years
ya know who gets to deal with these f@ckers? ICQA…Hahaha! use to be the damages department(me!) lololo
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ya know who gets to deal with these f@ckers? ICQA…Hahaha! use to be the damages department(me!) lololo

Sounds more like an E&F,. Warehouse IM problem to me.