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I'm kind of confused. You were fired for a good reason (at least in Target's eyes), but later rehired? So now you're trying to figure out if you can fit back in?

I was NOT fired from my last job, I fear it now though.
This was long before my re-entry for a seasonal position, I voluntarily quit my former job on good terms and wasn't worried about fitting in at all.
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If yOu stand out of the pack & have no call outs, you may have a chance. Ignore gossip, do your job to the fullest.
Good luck!
Do your work the best you can, and be friendly and helpful, but don't get too close to people until you know you can trust them. Avoid complaining about work AT ALL unless you're sure you can trust the person. You never know who might immediately run to HR and report you for BS things.
Do the best job you can.
Don't second guess yourself, it will only make you miserable.
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