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Jun 12, 2012
So I work in a store where the culture is basically no recognition all accountability. You could zone an entire department to plano, have perfect endcaps, perfect DTK scores, no CAF's, no reshop...and they would pull you aside to show you a light sidecap and probably add something about how they pointed this out earlier in the week. Granted I've never been someone who needs pats on the back to do my job, its pretty infuriating when you are constantly belittled and devalued for the most trivial things and when you finally "get it right" either becomes out of sight/out of mind or credit is given to someone who doesnt deserve it. Perfect example, we just had a DTL visit Tuesday for our Pfresh launch in which we were told we had the best looking Market endcaps in the district and was the only store that didn't have to fix the endcaps on the Pfresh walk. Now Ive been pulled aside by our STL a number of times and have had very heated discussions regarding the stock of my endcaps (god forbid we sell anything) and my role in driving sales. Knowing Pfresh was around the corner as well as a number of visits I busted my ass for two weeks making every endcap in Market, Chemicals, Pets, and Seasonal/Mini look picture perfect and filled to capacity at all times. And after the extremely positive comment was made regarding my work, the recognition went to our ETL-LOG who even went as far as to credit it to her new system where she uses stars on WACO's (the backroom TL didnt even know wtf she was talking about) and the STL just smiled and nodded. :dash2:I bring this subject up because my ETL-HL recently said she is going to pull me and the TL-HL's together, discover the source of the terrible morale in Hardlines, and collaborate on solutions. So my question is this: Is this kind of injustice common in your stores and any suggestions on ways to change issues like this??? I dont think theres anything that can be done in our store but when the question is asked "What can we do to change this?" I dont want us to sound like we are without ideas and the issues get swept back under the rug.
Yeah, it is like that in both stores i worked at they just look for the 1 thing that is wrong and never recognize you for what is right. They blame low morale on the TLs and dont realize that the morale of the store actually starts at the top from the STL. Its all about politics if you arent part of the in crowd they will find any and every little thing to try and performance you out. I've seen this in quite a few stores too. And how the heck would stars on waco boxes help your endcaps stay full, your etl log sounds like a moron.
Shes just full of ****. For some reason shes the STL's favorite and gets the complete opposite of everyone else...all recognition no accountability. When we have logistics DTL visits the STL makes the whole store push truck to make her look good.
That sucks. I hate it when this crap happens but dont worry you are not the only one suffering from stuff like this. My old stl was horrible she played favorites and would term people she hated just because she didnt like them. Luckily she left to another store and now i have a wonderful stl who is very fair and isnt into target politics. Hang in there! They all come and go sooner or later
the key to overcome this from my experience is great communication with your leadership team. HA HA HA...
ok, seriously, my etllog kept taking credit for the aisles we set and clearance remerch. i heard he was doing it, but had not seen it. finally, i overheard him telling the stl about building all these endcaps (which i did) and the clearance valleys (which my team did). i walked up right after and asked if they would like to walk with me so i could show them what we had been working on. the etl paled and after the walk, we got a few things cleared up. now i send an email out to everyone at the end of my shift with a quick recap of what we did and i save my copy. i know most probably delete it, but my etlhl/stl reads it, and thats all that matters. plus if there is ever a question about our productivity, i have answers.
for recognition, start your own and forget everyone else. i had the same prob. i reward my team often, take them out, play stupid movies, whatever. our etl wants me to get the other tl involved. i told him it was his job to motivate his team. i had my own to motivate.
Lived it at my last store for 3 miserable years. Then I got a new job.
It's rough to do. Hl had 74 endcaps due this week. Hours being cut doesn't help things. We try to do our best & deal with it. Commication to each other/upper mgt is the key to get done. All etl's & stl were doing sp's too. That's real first ever.
It's going to vary from store to store. My current STL is pretty good, still getting use to them. Had to have a conversation with him today and give him some bad news about the state of a certain asset in our store. They understood I wasn't going to ignore problems and falsify part of my PM just to make the store look better on paper, said they appreciated the integrity to tell the truth. We're getting together soon to come up with a plan to address the store's needs.
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