Red Cards


Dec 9, 2018
I really wish people could apply for the debit without having a blank check. So few people carry them and even less own them.

Anyway, what have you all done to encourage advocates to talk up red cards. We already do things like prizes if you get one, gift baskets, etc., but as I listen to my team, I hear no one saying things like "would you like to save 5%" or anything like that. I'm frustrated because I have talked to them all. We haven't pushed circle or red cards in over a year. We could totally get some sign ups.
Sep 13, 2017
What's your prizes? With the right prizes I was super good at getting actual sign ups vs. just casually mentioning how it could save the guest money (to CMA)

When the prize was a fun size candy bar my productivity was a lot lower than when the prize was a food item from the cafe, free SBux, or a 5 or $10 gift card.
Apr 30, 2019
Our store's payment pads require a Target Circle response from the guest, type in the number or "Skip". I intentionally bring up the topic for our guests. As for Redcard, I'll just briefly ask about it. The last couple of times a guest actually applied for the RC in my lane, the bosses complained about the time required.

If my guest is interested, I hand them a Redcard brochure and encourage them to apply online. The lesson I learned is my bosses are hypocrites.