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Hmm... Its been a while since I've had to look at these but from memory I think it looks like this...

GSTL (2), CTL, HLTL (3?), PTL, SLTL (2), PATL, Flow TL, Log TL

I know that D-Volume has an STL-GE, C-Volume has a SL/GE, so Org 3 is where it should be split into all different ETLs... I think there are 3 HLTLs from what i can remember, and it stays that way for a few Org Charts...
Yeah, that's why I am looking for a copy. We are a B volume store but we are listed as org chart 2 instead of a 3 as we should be, so basically the workload of 2 people is falling on 1 in my work center and has been that way for far too long.
Yeah that is pretty common really... I have seen stores grow so quickly that they have skipped org charts... as in they were listed as 2, just made it to 3 for the year but decided to not take it, then by the next year around classified for a 4 and had to hire way more leaders at that cut off then if they just did it steadily as the store grew (and had some not so great hires in that mess of a process)
It happened to us when we became a pfresh store.
We don't have enough people or hours.
It's showing in our sales which have been slipping because people have gotten tired of waiting in line so maybe we'll go back to our original status soon.
Speaking of Org Charts....

Does anyone know how many TLs and ETLs (and which ones) a store picks up going from A to A+ and A+ to AA?
You are still able to see the org chart that your store uses under store reports.
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