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Lately, it seems like they schedule all the hardlines team leads during the day shift and leave us without a leader for the night. Is this a normal thing? It always frustrates me because it seems like some of my fellow hardlines tms slack off or do things that they normally wouldn't try when we had a TL of our own. I've noticed that this rarely happens to softlines. I think the only time they haven't had a TL on a day that I worked was because theirs called out. But it seems if the TLOD is a softlines TL then we don't have a TL for the night. Is there any reason for this?
Every TL has to close at one point or another. Maybe your hardlines TLs close when you're not scheduled. If a softlines TL is TLOD, they should be paying attention to what's going on in the whole store, not just in softlines. If you think there is a problem, let your leadership know. If you can't talk to your hardlines TLs, let the LOD or TLOD know what's going on.
That is becoming a normal thing at my store. There are at least 3 nights a week with no hltl's closing. Sltl's are too busy or shorthanded to step off the carpet.
That's the problem we're having. The majority of the SLTL's won't ever get a chance to come over or even check up on us verbally over the walkie. I've gotten to the point where I just give the LOD updates every so often on my progress. The SLTL will generally say to let her know if we're going to need help but usually there isn't any help to be given. It's just all around frustrating right now. :/
we open with multiple SFTLs, and usually just close with 1.
At my stores, we always had at least 1 TL closing for both softlines and hardlines.

Its possible that being the post holidays, the Hardlines TLs are being scheduled more days to work out new planograms or reset their departments. But I never seen more than a couple days where there were no HLTLs closing. There is supposed to be someone closing on the weekends.
Nothing new here. As hours get cut, there are fewer closing Hardlines TL's, which then the closing LOD becomes the go-to and also runs the night zone directly. Happens mostly on Monday nights or on Weekends at my store. There are sometimes closing SL-TL's but the ones at my store really don't do anything about the HL zone.
at my store there is only one softlines team leader and that person isn't very good at doing her own job let alone climb over the invisible fence that keeps the two sides of the store apart. Every team leader closes one night a week, and then rotates the weekends. You can offer to run the zone on the hardlines side, the ETL's might appreciate the help, but you'll still need to get everything done plus.
ya my store is kind of like this. Right now we have 2 Sr tls (one in Softlines and the other in hardlines but not sure what area), one HL tl (who right now has A,B,C,D BLOCK) and our CTL(who does Pfresh and Grocery, G block). I am pretty sure all the other TLs are plano, presentation, br, pricing, front lanes, etc. Usually its just a veteran TM running the HL zone, and the TLOD bounces between both. Our hours are really tight right though.

On monday we had one TL opening salesfloor, then a mid from like 1-5 and 3 closers(one from 2-10 and the other 2 working 6-10, so 5 total salesfloor, with like 28 salesfloor hours for the WHOLE day. Whats funny is we made sales and were up 6%!!!!!!! for the month of January, and we made payroll by 100 hours. Not sure why our hours are going down but whatever.
I still think they should go back to the Recovery TL they had years ago. They were able to have a consistent closing routine, they got to know the team and have them work to their strengths and they wanted to close. I think the closing team members like the consistency too. I know when I was closing all I cared about was getting the heck out of there. But when I did Recovery I owned the process.
Sltl's are too busy or shorthanded to step off the carpet.

This happens a lot at my store. We're so short on sales floor hours during the week that the softlines TLs have to stay in their zones (they may be covering half of softlines with only one TM to cover the rest, plus they have to assist guests in jewelry because the TM doesn't have the keys).
When I was a HL team member I never closed with a TL they would be there in the day time maybe latest until 6pm. But it never bothered us not having one honestly we felt like we had more freedom in a positive way to do things how ever best it suited the night whether it be splitting a bunch of us up or staying close together. But we would check in with who ever the LOD was and that was that. Now that I'm coming back to target as a sr-tl I definitely wouldnt want my team to be upset if I didn't close with them. But at my current store I am LOD more often than on the floor with my team. Its always good in my opinion to have TL's rotate opens and closes the best they can.
The only time we don't have a closing Hardlines TL is if there's an anomaly in the schedule (TL on vacation/LOA, etc.) or a call-in. I personally prefer to have a TL at closing because they seem to have a better grasp of what we need to get done as far as zone, re-shop, and CAFs than the ETLs (who focus on the whole store and may have loftier expectations). For example, if we close without a TL and my ETL-GE is LOD, she has us wave zone (which never works) and wave re-shop. Though a couple of our ETLs will sometimes designate a trusted TM as the "team leader" for the night so they don't have to worry about hardlines as much.
I'm in a ULV to our only TL's on the floor are 1 hardlines, 1 softlines, and 1 consumables. The hardlines and softlines TL's are both seniors, they each close one night a week. Consumable's never closes.
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