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Saying Hi and Reintroduce!!

May 31, 2012
Hi all I got a Transfer at a new State from my Current state I gotten approve for Interview Transfer next week yea first time for a charm for new state thought would have no Transfer. Anyways what should I expect during a Transfer Interview do I have to go three Transfer Interview like Regular Interview? And what should I need be dress as like a normal Target Red shirt Khaki pants for Transfer and that's it? Or should it be Regular Suit and Tie. Just wonder what they expect me to have on for Transfer Interview? HR did not put details for Red and Khaki for Transfer Interview just curious.
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Jun 17, 2011
I have had multiple transfers although not for some time,def go in your best red and khaki,and if you got a great review bring that with you as it is worth a lot,not sure what the interviews are like these days,mine were very informal and my O reviews have always been my best card,transfers are very common in my area so I do not think it should be difficult,good luck.


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Jun 10, 2011
Yep, dress like you would for your first day of work.
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