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Jul 16, 2011

That's right, those of us working at target know that if you say something, it becomes true! And therefore, it's only logical that the more times you reiterate, the more true it really is!


For the first two and a half years I worked at target, it was ranked and reputed to be The Best Company Ever! It was an objective and measurable statement that Target was indeed the best company in world history as well as the current best. How do I know this? Well because we said it so it's true.

However, now my days at Target are spent working together as a close knit, consolidated, well oiled and cooperating selling machine. Even though we are all different ages, races, genders, and ethinicities, we all share the same dream and are working towards the same goal. We are all omniscient and clairvoyant and can read each others minds and speak for each other! Don't believe me well check this out...."ONE TEAM ONE VOICE ONE VISION." There I said it, so it is in effect true. While currently true, it is however not as true as "best company ever" solely on the grounds that the previous truth had been repeated more.

When I am pushing market and I have to break open a new case of cheezits, and there is only room for one box on the shelf here's what I do. I push all twenty three boxes currently in that location as far back as they can go, put one more from the new casepack on the shelf and then I clearly state "Man, I am FIFO'ing the crap out of market!" And so it is!

When I interview for teamlead positions, I answer all questions using the STAR format (situation task action result). So when they ask me about a dangerous situation that I experienced at spot and how I handled it, I tell them about the time velociraptors got loose in HBA. Of course I notified the LOD and then made it into an FFF event for the flow team to see who could write the predatory dinosaurs the most great team cards. Expecting a fight and conflict, the raptors were first confused by the shower of compliments and then won over. Funny thing is that the end result was the dinosaurs quitely left the store and our flow team was not only a stronger team because of it, but they actually wrote 20 percent more GTC that week! It sounds far fetched but since I said it in an interview, the same rule applies so it's true!
I miss the old days too. The new mission statement ia confusing. But, changes have happened at spot. We need to focus, to remain competeive. Be proactive, seek opps, help guesTs is the keys now.
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