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I'm Lost! Schedule change?

Jun 9, 2012
I'm new to Target, only been working about 2 weeks.. They posted the schedule for the next two weeks. and I work 12 days and get 2 off, which is no problem for me whatsoever, however they scheduled me for the 22nd (friday) and I just found out that I have to pick up my aunt from the airport that day. Would they be lenient enough to let me switch a day in order to be off the 22nd (i know it's a friday and all...)? I'm kind of nervous to ask them because I'm so new and it would kind of look bad on my part.. :/


purveyor of things
Jun 10, 2011
Talk to your HR and they will direct you to the Shift Swap board/book. Post your shift and another TM can pick it up, pending approval by an LOD. With the way Target has been the last several months about giving out hours, I'm sure someone will pick up the shift right away.