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Sep 27, 2011
Well I'm scheduled 8 shifts in 6 days of work 2 of those days are of course double shifts 5 shifts are truck shifts 3 are front end I can already tell due to the 5 truck shifts that ill be over 40 in no time due to us not having a full truck team & I've posted my cashier shifts to see if any1 wants them but my store front end work is like a death sentence

My curiousness has got me since the schedule is "posted" and I already know ill be over 40hrs in no time & took iit upon myself and gave up the cashier shifts to help my hours situation if no 1 takes those shifts & I'm flirting with the 40hrs would I have to

A. Still work those and be over 40?
B. Call out (tho ill feel bad to) and stay under 40

I've already looked for any1 that was available those days that could help me out and take those shifts but no luck I will be talking to the LOD for both days to see their opnion on it tho I'm thinking either way I might get in trouble due to hours or calling off any1 have any suggestions or helpful info for me
? I'm confused... You are scheduled more then 40? I get evil looks from ETLs for even thinking about the word overtime...... It is however back to school time, heck if they offer overtime I say work it. When you say double shift do you mean you picked up a shift voluntarily on a day you already work, or that you are working a SPLIT shift, starting working the truck and then switching to front end?
Our team would allow you to pick up a double shift if you wanted, but never schedule you that way on their own, and never past 40 hours. Plus my tl ALWAY makes sure to give me two days a week off, unless she asks me if I want to work an extra day first!
If you're understaffed I dont they will care. Our store is severely understaffed and I along with a few others have worked 41-45 hours(a week) the past two weeks and the Execs havent really cared too much
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I'm 1 of a few that gets scheduled 2 shifts in 1 day sometimes its a split shift and sometimes its 4am to 330pm shift

The only way u get days off unless u complain in my store via ur availability or u take it off

I wana work it all but since I'm as of wed afternoon with thurs being off I'm approaching 49hrs & change not including the usual extended truck shifts on fri & sat
The 49hrs is via what I got from the overtime sheet that is factoring in my 2 double shift days I'm currently only at 25hrs for the week
It's weird. Your etl-hr would say 5 days is the normal schedule time. Overtime is not allowed.
If you try to work the 49 hours, you will be told to leave early when you get near 40 hours.
Well today & tomorrow I'm scheduled 9+ hr shifts the + being the fact of the trucks being unpredictiable hour wise when I get done with my truck shift I will be sitting down with 1st the lod bc we are told to go to them 1st then go further on
You should work your schedule. Not work late for the truck shifts. They're gonna want you to stay, but it's not fair to the front end when you can't work those shifts.
it is suggested to talk them today before you start your shift. you can get written up for overtime depending on your store.
It sounds like a final edit issue. But since they already posted the schedule, you should the right to keep those shifts if you want. But just to cover your butt, I would got to your HR and STL/ETL about what hours you really should be working, and they won't come back and put you on CA for working excessive overtime.
I started saying no to O/T as of last week. I was getting anywhere from 2-10 hours of O/T every week during July.

Understaffed :wacko:
Just to give a update I talked to my Etl Hr & she consulted with the other etl's they agreed on not having to work the evening 5hr shift last night but still have to pull the split shift today but I did cut enough to where I'm 10mins under 40 now

Our store is def understaffed on all work centers

Flow team by just size of truck not even people we can tell what time roughly we get out for example 2800 is basically a 8+ day
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