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Nov 1, 2011
Hi how's it going I've been working at target for a few months now working as sales floor team member. i saw i was working in comb shop next week but i forgot to ask my my team leader what that was does anyone know what ill be doing?
Either you will be going Comp Shopping with your TL, or you they are just using Comp Shopping Payroll for your salesfloor shift.
there usually isn't any comp shop from mid November until the first week in January - so they are probably redistributing the hours. It wouldn't hurt to ask though.
Yeah go ahead and ask, I would bet your store allocated hours in comp shop for a special side project or something...
Our store has used comp shop hours as extra salesfloor hours, either to help push seasonal or toys.
My store isn't using any comp shop hours. In fact, our comp shopper has been scheduled in all different workcenters lately.
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