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So Im a seasonal employee been about 35 days with the Flow Team. After unloading the truck - i usually go straight to the juice isle than snack isle to push. After this- I do grocery autofills. My dilemma is I dont need a pda until grocery autofills, but if I dont get one first thing in morning (3:30 am) they are all gone! The other problem is if I get a pda first thing- I take this from another tm that needs it at this time! So my grocery autofills are taking much longer and I am missing 2nd locations without pda. PLUS: LOD and ETL like to see us seasonal folks with pda showing initiative. What would YOU do in this situation?
Aug 7, 2012
I never bothered with a PDA unless I need to check for multiple locations to avoid back stocking too much of an item. For items like that now I make a challenge cart to push around to end caps & check lanes.
Try to memorize 2-3 isles a shift. Not everything but the basics...soup cans on 18, boxed and baking on 19, juices on 22...etc. if I can't find something in 2 glances I set it aside and I always run across it when stocking something else.
Soft lines is similar, the locations can change every few days so I look quickly and then move on to the next set of clothes on the rack. It's easier to get more product out faster instead of wandering around for one thing. Know your labels, they'll tell you how many facings and confirm if the item is correct by checking the last numbers of the UPC.
We're low on PDAs so we need them available for tasks...I usually grab one if I need to search the back for a guest or check other stores. I actually think its faster for areas like cosmetics to rely on the labels rather than checking each piece through the PDA. Seasonal or items with the dcpi make it much easier to stock too.
Keep up the good work, I'm sure you're doing great...the fact that you want to be faster and accurate makes you an asset to your team :)
Sep 30, 2011
The price scanners *can* help, not as much as a PDA but if you have an unusually high amount of a product in an autofill not fitting in the home, definitely assume there's a 2nd loc. And don't forget how much people appreciate getting equipment when they need it. My former flow team used to screw our backroom team with PDAs on early AM which then REALLY screwed the instocks team. We need more people like you around
Dec 1, 2012
What's really annoying is if the second location is on the front end or somewhere hidden in seasonal. Without a PDA you're SOL. The best solution I can think of is to have a floating PDA for flow that could be used to double check specific items. I like Sunshine's idea of a challenge cart.

I hate seeing new flow team members trying to push HBA with no PDA. Often there'll be a line 3 deep at the price scanners. Flow should have at least one that they can all use imo.

I do like to give up my PDA to to someone who needs it when I go on break/lunch.
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Apr 13, 2012
let your ETL know that it would help if u had a PDA for that time being just so u can get your work done efficiently, then when your done give it to anyone who needs it


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Jun 10, 2011
The best solution I can think of is to have a floating PDA for flow that could be used to double check specific items. I like Sunshine's idea of a challenge cart.

If there are enough PDAs available, my store's flow team will grab one or two to share. Though lately, they've had this habit of asking me and my re-shoppers if they can borrow ours.

And re: challenge cart - I do this when pushing entertainment, batteries, and checklane candy.
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