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Nov 4, 2011
I am seasonal flow tm and just got hired last week (orientation this sunday).

Do seasonal hires usually get a lot of hours or mostly part time?
It probably depends a lot on your availability. Next week will be my first full week and I'm scheduled for 42.5 hours. That might be a little higher than normal because of the holidays, but I told them during my interview that I could work part or full time so I think they're going to give me full time hours.
Be wary of the full-time hours....if you end up getting hired in then the hours will, more than likely, go down by 20 hours.
I actually only want to work part time. I unexpectedly received a nice promotion at my full time job so I only want to work part time for Target seasonal only. I have heard some seasonal hires have received more than the expected hours and is wondering if thats the norm.

I am on flow team, if it makes any difference when it comes to hours. My set time is from 4 am to 9 am which works out perfectly. They will not add more hours onto it, would they?
My flow team was only scheduled in 5 hour shifts. That was all the hours I had. Now I would normally ask it they could work an extra 30 minutes to avoid a lunch or sometimes 8 hours if it was a big truck but they could always say they couldn't stay. The only time we scheduled them longer was on black friday or if we took a double truck and then they were scheduled for 7 hours and we started about 2am. Otherwise most of my team started at 4, 4:30 and 5 and all had 5 hour shifts. Those that wanted extra hours could usually find them by staying later for me or learning other work centers.
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