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Jun 10, 2012
I was hired as a sales floor seasonal but now that's coming to an end and I was told I was being let go. I don't think I was let go for performance reasons because I showed up every day on time and pretty much performed (I felt) on par with everyone else. My manager told me it was hours-related and that I could re-apply and possibly get a callback if hours open up or a position opens up, which I plan to do.

I also looked on the target site, and it said there were sales floor positions available for my store.

But I was mainly wondering if anyone's been in a situation or heard of a situation where a seasonal person was let go, but then re-hired again soon after for a regular position?
I didn't know seasonal employment happened in the spring!

I was in your shoes a few years ago. Ask if there are any other areas currently hiring: backroom, softlines, cashier, carts, photo, flow, etc. That's what I did, and my term-papers were rescinded!
I was in your shoes as well a few years back. Was originally hired on as a seasonal cashier, was let go, and then re-applied during the summer and was hired on as a CA. Normally how it works is they might hire 20 people or so for seasonal help (just a random number), but for various reasons might only actually keep 2 or 3. So even if you are a hard worker, they can be very picky. I know when I was let go, when I still shopped there occasionally during my non-team member months, everybody was asking, "why'd they let you go" or "you were such a good worker".
In my case I started as seasonal, but I was then let go and told to come back in March or April as a regular team member.
How early do you guys think I should re-apply? Should just do it the day after my last day? Or wait a bit longer?
Talk to your HR ASAP and ask if there are other positions open!
How did you manage to work as seasonal this time of year? My store only has seasonal TMs during Q4, and spring and BTS hires are permanent.
I'm at a mid volume store and we usually keep all seasonal hires that are good and let the rest go.

Its basically a trial run without all the paperwork for HR and your lead if they decide you didn't work out. If HR is doing their job well they shouldn't be hiring too many people.

Unless on the rare instance you have a ton of really good seasonal people and they have to pick the cream of the crop.
I've already talked to HR about positions, and I've been told they don't have the hours necessary to hire me back permanently right now.

I was a spring seasonal because our store upgraded to P Fresh (aka, added a produce section)

I'm getting a strange thing about re-applying, it says I've already submitted an application in 60 days ago, but it's been more than 60 days since I actually submitted the application. Unless it's counting 60 days from something else?
So you were a remodel hire.
Did they hold on to anybody else from the remodel?
My suggestion is wait. It sounds like you are on the good list for rehire after remodel. Stay in touch with hr.
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