Service & Engagement TL Questions

Oct 22, 2021
So what does one need to know as a first time Service & Engagement TL.

I've held a Specialy Sales TL position, then for a while I was a General Merchandise TL and now I'm a Service & Engagement TL.

What are some differences I can expect or things I should look out for?

Any Service & Engagement TLs have some insight?

I'm curious what the workload will look like versus Specialty Sales or GM like I have been doing.
I think it’s more people managing than task/workload managing. I remember the Service TL’s at my last store spent ALOT of time making the weekly break schedules cause they had around 70 TM’s, it’s a really high volume super. The ones at my current store don’t seem to invest as much to planning and tend to be running drive ups with the team or running service desk.
You’re in for a ride.

Big team of people and it’s impossible to please them all, and usually one or more other TLs who have the exact same job as you and will end up stepping on your toes. I made it work by playing up the divide between us, and getting loyalty from the TMs who didn’t like my peer 💀 just make sure you’re the better of the two, and you’ll come out on top 😁
It will be hard to get everything done because you have to be available for guests all the time. You can make your job a lot easier by training your team to solve their own problems instead of relying on you (YES I trust you to give a guest $3 off without calling me!). If you're able to do that, you might be able to get back to the office to do all of the administrative stuff (there's a lot, it's a big team). You will also have to sort of bargain with GM side over workload stuff like endcaps, freight, OFOs. Who will be responsible for what? Do some of it if possible, but don't agree to do it all.

You need to be up front during the rush and other busy times. Plan your day around that and minimize tm breaks during this period if possible.