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Jun 8, 2011
I've been with target for a little over a month now. When I applied I said I wanted packing or warehouse, but my preference was packing. They put me on outbound. Thing is I am very out of shape, and always behind in my lanes. It's clear that I'm never going to be fast enough. Since I don't have 90 days in and am fully expecting to be fired before then anyhow, is it best to just quit and come back at a later time when a packing position would open up?

I can't just transfer either since again I've only been there a bit over a month. I'm just thinking quiting and then coming back down the line would look better than being fired right?

Any advice would be appreciated as this is really starting to worry me.
I think DC positions operate based on seniority - you'd have to spend time in other areas before they gave you a position in packing. That's just my speculation based on other threads though, so definitely ask your leadership.
Just stick it out, do your best in OB, and put in for the job change in the future. Maybe you can get into shape while doing this position.

Here is my only tip to you, while you are in outbound building your walls. Depending on the boxes coming down, you can build two types of walls. I have what I call "common" boxes and those are products like detergent. Then, I have "large" (sterilite, pillows, etc) and "small" (shampoo, soaps, etc). If you have a lot of commons, build a wall about 14-16" in depth. Seriously. DO NOT worry about back fill at this point. You can push your products back and pack strong walls FAST. If you have a lot of mixed freight, take our commons, leave about 7-10" being the wall for back fill for the first 3 feet up (or more if you need) and fill like crazy.

I love life when I get nothing but small boxes. I've run at 145% without any lights on, just in lanes, without any non-con building. Highest I've been is 187% with non-con.
Oh yeah, and don't plan on getting into Warehousing on any of the keys. In most DCs, the wait list for that department is very long. I have people at my DC that have been there 5+ years without getting transferred to Warehousing.
At my husband's DC, basically everyone starts in OB, regardless of what they apply for. Transfers happen based on seniority and lack of write-ups/problems. Good luck getting out of takes years at my huband's DC!
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