So apparently overtime and scheduling is skewed in some parts of Los Angeles.


The time frame vs reality
Apr 18, 2021
Recently there's a law that has been passed in California that requires your employers to set up your scheduling three weeks in advance...

As a result shift leaders can't clock you in earlier than your posted shift and employees cannot work past their post shift.
Source: Refresh of California Labor & Employment Laws Effective in 2023 -
VI. Local and Industry-Specific Changes

California employers should also double check whether there are any new ordinances effective in localities in which they operate or whether there are any new, industry-specific laws. For example, while the below does not cover all of the 2023 local and industry-specific changes, retailers operating in the City of Los Angeles should be aware that there are new rules for scheduling retail workers, and agricultural employers throughout the state will be required to comply with new union certification rules and overtime requirements.

A. Predictive Scheduling for City of Los Angeles Retail Workers
Effective April 1, 2023, retail employers in the City of Los Angeles must provide retail workers with their schedules at least two weeks in advance under the Fair Work Week Ordinance.[28] Among other requirements, employers must also provide a good faith estimate of a schedule within 10 days of an employee’s request, and must allow employees to decline any changes made to their schedule following the 14 day advance notice period.