So my store just got a fresh out of college STL...

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by myDevice, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. myDevice

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    She has a degree in "Retail Management" so I guess that's a plus (I think?) No people skills. Sits in her office all day.

    I foresee a giant shit show xD
  2. qmosqueen

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    they must have read this ...

  3. Rock Lobster

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    Yikes, and your district probably has ETLs that want to promote too, but they aren't getting the "results" that they want so they are assuming they are bad leaders and went for the outside hire.

    I love Target because there are so many great candidates for promotions that I have seen get screwed over because they do not fit a certain mold or their circumstances do not allow for the best results. If you have an ETL that is supposed to be good and they are currently struggling in a position, there is likely a reason why. But Target blames the person, not the position, every single time. I have seen ETLs get performanced out for years because of this. And then they roll the dice with an outside hire that is often worse (but is new so they get a break for a year or two until they crack under the pressure too).
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    my condolences.
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  5. pinkp2ie

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    ETL or STL?
    I thought there's only fresh out of college ETL's
  6. NKG

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    I'd be looking forward to your new STL by Q4
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  7. Honestly all the “fresh out of college” ETLs we’ve gotten recently I love. Probably because we’re much closer in age so we get along a lot better, I feel like they’re nicer and funnier and more pleasant to be around than the grumbling old angry ones (cough cough my STL) so i really don’t mind
  8. sprinklesontop

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    I'd probably be nicer and funnier and more pleasant too if I was clueless !!! Damn.... that sounds sooooo dreamy, though.....doesn't it??? :rolleyes: Nice, fun, pleasant, clueless. **SNAP out of it, Sprinkles!**
  9. Stocker

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    Good luck:} Its always interesting to see managers with limited people skills. Its not really a bad thing since most of there job is delegation, at least at that level. If she does not do her job look for a new STL in a year or so.
  10. can't touch this

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    You may not like it, but this is what peak credentialism looks like
  11. OP

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    She is an STL. No idea how she got the job. My old one got moved to help out another store.
  12. Kartman

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    What does that mean?

    Google couldn't help me.
  13. it's a play on "this is peak human body" where it's not really the peak human body

    She got the job because she has the credentials but eh...
  14. Kartman

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  15. SilentCrow

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  16. They probably did the because putting fresh out of college people as etl log has been such a success.