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Dec 29, 2011
Does anyone currently have this position or know anything about it? What is a normal shoe shift like for you? I interviewed for this position but my TL and ETL don't really seem to know what I'll be doing... Our previous shoe TM left and I'm told district complained about how shoes were done while she had the position.

I know the brand info about zoning but I know nothing about setting shoes or scanning for instocks. I'm told those will "possibly" be part of the position.

Any words of wisdom, break room?
Apr 7, 2013
Hey I just got shoved into the shoes position as well! I'm a bit nervous as the shoe department is the red headed step child of our store... The girl who was there before had no idea what she was doing, and our most recent shoe brand team member was starting to turn it around but left for a higher paying job (go figure) so I guess it's my turn to step up.
I'm an instocks team member so I can give you my side on that as best as I can. Basically your goal is to get stuff out of the backroom onto the floor by researching it. If we are out, this lets the DC know to send more. You'll want the zone to be good and have all reshop/backstock done before you scan as you don't want to zero something out that is hiding somewhere! (although it does happen).. Our store only has 3 instocks members (down to 2 now that I am moving to shoes) so we VERY RARELY do shoes because of how awful the zone was. Hopefully you have a team that can maintain zone throughout the night so you are able to come in and do a nice deep scan or not have to zone too much.
Rainchecks do not get made in shoes (at least at my store, could be different at yours) so you will not have to worry about that.
You'll probably have to maintain PTM on aisles when they go, as well as backstock too if you are trained.
Hope this helps from an instocks perspective, I would love to hear input from other shoe team members!


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Jun 15, 2011
What sort of presentation do you have for shoes (ie. stacked, open box)? This and your schedule are going to make the biggest impact on your routines.

At the very least, expect to doing detailed zoning(however your store defines that for shoes), pushing shoes from the backroom, keeping the department looking full, organizing clearance, and possibly setting salesplanner endcaps.
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Jun 8, 2011
Shoes has become all you! Stay on top of planos & sp's. Shoes have become no man land with high profit. Keep it zone & know your shoes. You should be ok.
Oct 14, 2013
First off, your team leads should know EXACTLY what your duties will be in shoes. They are who you turn to; make sure you ask them these questions that you are asking us. I hope they are going to actively communicate to you what will be required as the shoes brand team member, because if not, they are only setting you up to fail and it will not benefit them at all.
As a shoes brand captain/team member, I am not currently held solely responsible for shoes. Is your Target different in this way? What I mean is, there is an actual team lead (aside from the Softlines ETL) that is in charge of shoes at my Target. It is from her that I am given instructions for what to do in shoes.

Generally, I am in charge of making sure shoes is zoned. That is number one on the priority. Keeping shoes superzoned is quite a task, especially if you are in a busy store. I am told to focus on the worst aisles of shoes each day, as well as building the generic shoe boxes to keep shoes in. One shoe per display, box any loose shoes, make tags for shoes, and making 3x5 signs for the shoe department regularly on your shifts should be part of the tasks if there is nothing else to be done. If your team leads do not already do so, try suggesting to them to write out a daily task list for your duties in shoes, listed by priority. This can be a good reminder of what you need to do in shoes and to prioritize. Don't feel too overwhelmed, shoes is a tricky area.

Personally, I have been in charge of setting endcaps/step downs in shoes but as for the actual aisle and backwall planograms, the POG team is in charge of that. If you don't know anything about this, ASK YOUR team lead(s). They should be training you how to work with planograms at LEAST for end caps, and if you become more comfortable with shoes it is good to keep an open communication with the POG team while they are working in shoes. Again, if you are unsure where to start, consult your TL.

Aside from zoning in shoes and keeping it neat and the shoes boxed, you may be required to shoot EXF's for your shoe aisles and endcaps. This includes using a PDA to scan each label in shoes, which will automatically check the back and when pulled, will bring out product from there for you to push and keep everything full. This is what I am told to do, and can be very time consuming with everything combined.

Just as a suggestion, keep up with your flow team members who push in shoes and make sure they know how to push shoes correctly, remove rubberbands, etc. Same with backroom team members pushing and your softlines coworkers doing reshop.

As someone else has told you, remerchandising/fixing/making room for clearance and fixing clearance endcaps in shoes, making labels, adding displays are all things you may be in charge of, or should be. I wish you good luck. Also, you had to interview for your shoes position? Out of curiosity, do you get a raise? At my store I was just chosen and put in shoes minus any interviews.
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