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Jun 10, 2011
We got a new ETL recently and I think I have seen the ETL a couple times.(although we have had a bunch of "new blood" in the store recently so I'm not sure.) Anyway the ETL hasn't introduced themselves to me yet. I feel it its the responsibility of an superior to introduce themselves to their subordinates.

Should I wait till they introduce themself to me or am I in the wrong?
I agree with the Master, introduce yourself. Make it cheery with a good strong handshake, you are the better man (so to speak)
Introduce yourself. There's no reason to wait to get introduced to anyone!
You have a new person in the store, so introduce yourself. It can be overwhelming for anyone ETL, STL or TM coming into a new store. There are so many new things coming at you. Who cares who is the superior or the subordinate. Try to think back to your first day in your store. You feel out of place, have had a ton of information thrown at you, you are afraid you are going to make an ass out of yourself and this person could also be thinking all of these people know so much more than me.
Don't go out of your way, wait until they pass you while you are working on something. When they come by, take the time to smile and introduce yourself. Shake their hand with the same force they shake yours with(I could go into length on the reasons for this, sigh). I also recommend a quick, simple joke to ease the mood and give them reason to remember you more readily.
Superiors should introduce themselves, but I'm sure them not doing so is part of their "Rudeness and Stupidity" class at Target school.
They are supposed to introduce themselves to everyone, but with so many people in the store, it can be difficult to remember who all they have officially introduced themselves to and who they haven't. Just introduce yourself and don't read too much into it. I'm sure it's not a slight, it's just difficult being new in a store.
I'm not too big into introductions. For the most part they are forced and seem so unnatural to the point of being extremely awkward. I can't remember the last team member I introduced myself to. However, since you do have a lot in common, the same workplace, the same coworkers, the same goal in theory (sales), I would find it extremely easy to S up a conversation. This is what I do and it's more comfortable to me.

It also makes you more mysterious :)
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I will just stick with the standard Fast, Fun and Friendly, and step up and say hello, I don't think we've met!
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