Specialty Sales

If you're the overnight ETL, and are given the resources for it, then I get it. That still seems like a big amount of work though.
Trust me it’s a lot even when you have resources. There’s always call outs and we get 5 doubles a week and singles on the weekends for now .
The reason I own the returns and zone is because we are overnight . That’s why I didn’t fight it when I was told to own it , besides I was allowed to get overnight zoners which are not part of unload or push.
Oh ok that makes sense. If you get the people for it it is definitely better. My problem is we always have to pick and choose what gets done.
When you say "beauty" are you referring to Cosmetics or all inclusive HBA? Most stores I frequent have HBA separate from cosmetics. Cosmetics being the shorter shifts.
My ETL usually has her push hba, but we don’t technically own it.