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Jun 9, 2012
Hey everyone! I am a SRTL of a Super Target in sunny South Florida! I started with Target 5 years ago as a seasonal cart attendant. I moved from there to GSA - GSTL- Starbucks TL and now a SRTL. I am also two years into my business degree. My greatest knowledge is Guest Experience and Perishables. I am not all Sunshine and roses tho, I have been on a final warning for a "culture" issue and a very hard time adapting to Starbucks and had several counselling for it, but I was still promoted with great development.

My Biggest strength is:
Manages Execution

Biggest Opp:
Resilient and Adaptable

My first STL was my biggest mentor and showed me the way to being a Team Leader.
He always said "people don't quit a company, they quit a boss"

I am always open to be asked anything.
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