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Jun 24, 2011
I'm thinking about stepping down from my position as GSA due to the overwhelming amount of stress and pressure placed on me in running the front end. The expectations of my Senior GSTL and ETL-GE are far beyond what's achievable. For an extra 50 cents, it is not worth all the responsibility and the stress that comes along with it. I'm looking to switch to salesfloor, electronics, or even starbucks/food ave. I just have to get away from the front end. Has anyone else experienced the same thing? And were you happy with your decision if you did indeed step down?
I did it once. Grass is always seems greener on the other side, but that doesn't mean it is. Within a couple months I was begging to go back to the front end, and lost out on a position up there that I was being groomed for due to the short diversion away. My advice is don't do it. Especially for those areas. Salesfloor won't give you nearly as many hours, food ave/starbucks is even more stressful and electronics is a personal hell. You think GSA is bad? Try having to cover and entire half of the store, along with helping guests and dealing with angry guests and basically, just picture doing the job of a GSA PLUS the job of salesfloor AND plano and whatever other team dumps their work on you. For less pay. Not worth it imo
I made that move a few months ago and am much happier. I'm a college student and with my availability, I went a month straight where all I did was close as GSA. We're an 11:00 store, so this meant not getting home to almost midnight every night. I now work most shifts in Food Ave while helping with ad set on Saturday nights, but I also pick up assorted other shifts in any areas that I can find. My store knows that I am willing to work in whatever areas there are hours available, so with it being summer I've been able to get 30-35 hours each week. While the schedule was the main reason that I stepped down, there were other issues, including my ETL expecting me to perform GSTL type jobs, including coachings, yet not backing me up when a few cashiers didn't respect my position as GSA when I would ask them to do certain tasks, as well as special treatment for certain cashiers despite numerous guest complaints about them, and a variety of other issues.
I left after Q4, moving over to FA. Lots of folks thought it was a career-killer but I'd felt like leadership didn't consider me GSTL material & it was best to try something new. It's def different.
Miss front end? A few friends but not the cr@p they've instituted since. My main prob is that I've been doing so well at FA they've decided to train me at Starbux. It's still at the scary stage (flippin' espresso emos) but starting to make sense.
I was going to step down twice, didn't end up doing it.... I'm glad now that I stuck it out, you will have ups and downs, its normal.
My advice... don't. if you ever want to move up within the company you are best to stick it out. I stepped down from a specialist role because I didn't like my TL, and frankly, I regret it. Even though I eventually made it to TL I felt that it took that much longer because I had to shake off the stigma of not getting along with my TL. Now I realize this is a totally different situation in your case, but if you step down because you can't handle the workload then chances are that is going to be a stigma you will have to shake off before your store leadership would even consider making an investment in your development.

If it makes you feel better, I have been at the front end as GSTL for over two years. I agree, the expectations are pretty high, especially when the success of your department essentially depends on a guests mood or willingness to save 5%. But I have found that rather than run away from a challenge, I face it head on, and try to come up with a solution. If you do that, you may be seen in a different light... hope this helps.
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