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Jun 16, 2011
OK, I asked my STL what volume store we are....he says "C".
I'm trying to find where we have this information listed.......saw it the other day (hence my question to STL) have the answer, but can't find the information I'm looking for! Help!!
The only way that I know how to find the stores sales volume would be to look at the store fact sheet. Which is located on workbench under the store performance tab.
I think this is what you want <shameless plug for my own post lol>

Volume classifications are based on yearly sales, and go as such.
  • AAA+ $85M and above
  • AAA $77.3 - $85
  • AA+ $69.5 - $77.3
  • AA $60.5 - $69.5
  • A+ $51.5 - $60.5
  • A $42 - $51.5
  • B $32.5 - $42
  • C $23 - $32.5
  • D $23 or less
ULV is an acronym meaning ultra-low volume and is typically used in reference to D and C volume stores.
AA-ish we've been having our ups and downs with the remodel.
Hey Formina.....

Thank-you so much. You had the answer I was looking now I can look up other info. Thanks!!
Knowing my store sales volume sure helps me to understand our staffing levels.....inadequate, but at least not as inadequate as I thought!
everyone should read their fact sheet,lot of interesting information on there.
I think it just means you get allocated more department hours and positions... could be wrong though
From what i understand the only thing that factors more raises is if you're a golden contribution store? I may be wrong. Since merit raises are percentage based, but if your stores payroll is trending down, someone who would have gotten a 3 would get a 2 to allocate what the store is given for raises.
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