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I've heard/Seen this app, but don't know much about it.

What is the intended use for this app, and how is it different from Sales Floor Tie in RF APPS ?
Store Tie ties individual DPCIs to either endcaps (0) or sidecaps (99).
SFLM ties/breaks POGs to any aisle/section you input.

Store Tie cannot tie items to a location that has a currently tied POG. For example, you have a four-shelf Sales Plan (A113ABC) on E25(0). The bottom shelf is completely empty, so you flex a similar item onto that shelf. You can't tie this flexed item into the endcap because POG A113ABC is tied there.

There are two solutions that I can think of for this:
1.) Break the POG using SFLM and then use Store Tie to tie the flex item, along with every other item from the original Sales Plan. I do not recommend doing this. There are a lot of potential issues if this is done too much.
2.) Keep the POG tied to E25(0) and tie any additional flex DPCIs to E25(99) [assuming there is no sidecap tied to that location].I don't recommend doing this either. You are likely to confuse anyone who scans the flexed item (and we all know those people who couldn't figure it out on their own).

Benefits of Store Tie
- Can tie 100% flexed endcaps/sidecaps now, helping maintain replenishment
- NOP items can now be replenished through regular batches
- There is an option to "Break Tie" after the flexing is done
- D-code won't be backstocked when certain team members see that the home location is full
- D-code would be easier to find for Price Accuracy
- This could potentially fix capacity issues. Example: the play ball bin on E15(0) has a low capacity (around 8). MySupporting the capacity change does not work. You can tie that single DPCI to E15(99) and give it a capacity of 40. This would help it stay replenished. This is a real problem of mine and a possible solution. I'm going to talk to my ETL and see what he thinks. The problem with doing this is that someone might scan the item and get confused about its location. Obviously no one is going to scan the play balls for their location, but this is a very specific example.
- Another possible use would be to tie all flex DPCIs to the sidecap of that aisle. Example: C24 isn't PTM, but has a lot of holes. You flex several different D-code items that have a home location on C22 on the aisle. You then use Store Tie and tie all of these DPCIs to C24(99). You tell Price Accuracy that this means the items are flexed somewhere on C24. After two weeks, the D-code goes on clearance and Price Accuracy is able to quickly find it. Obvious problem with team member confusion. Communication would be the key, but some people don't pay attention.
- Can be used to tie individual DPCIs to current endcap POGs in Entertainment and Mini Seasonal [only on two/four sides gondolas with no section (0)]

Problems with Store Tie
- The newly tied locations are only visible in Item Search and the Instocks function, not RF Apps - this is bad for Price Accuracy and anyone who uses NOP or LOC (does anyone even use that for the sales floor?)
- Most endcaps have a Sales Plan tied to them (if Transitions Set On Time is Green) - this means you will have to make the choice of breaking a tie or not tying the flexed items
- Cannot be used for any sections except (0) and (99), so you can't tie anything on a PTM aisle
- This could potentially cause future over-replenishment of Active merchandise

That's everything I know so far, I've only actually used it once. Some of this info was gathered from the other thread (linked above).
Valid points made. But, the tie is great for dcode stuff to put on endcaps before they go on clearance like big tv's in area's going through Transition. Judgement call is made when an endcap is almost empty or very light, with no current sp's available. It's great for paper, tv's, & furniture.
Also great for front-end uses as well. When a POG is on it's last legs, you can kill it early and store tie the endcap with flex items or a generic endcap (water, juice, etc).
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