Electronics TM
Aug 14, 2012

What I'd pay to steal one of those buttons..

I always wondered if you can take a button from one store to another, and have it go off and send the TMs in a craze trying to deactivate it.

I've always wanted to take a walkie and go to another store, sit in the parking lot and ask for outrageous items.


cyberpunk//my little pony
Sep 23, 2011



It's just because once the schedule goes up, after I finish b****ing about it, I make plans for those days off and then I get excited about them. Also, I just really hate last minute anything. I rarely even allow my friends to call me up last minute for stuff... even if my plan was to have a "me date" with netflix. I got excited about Arrested Development in the nude, so dammit, I'm doing it!
I do take the hours if I have too few hours to pay my bills.
Jul 21, 2011
I think we're all guilty for various reasons. If I'd actually be scheduled for 40 hours, I'd work them no problem whatsoever. But if I'm off, I hate having to come in and ruin one of my off days. The same goes for when I have the rare non-closing shift. For once I'm not closing, why would I want to close? Of course, I tend to use those few opportunities to get any grocery shopping done in an effort to save on gas.

And that's not counting signing up for underemployment benefits. If we're only getting 10-15 hours, we'd probably make more getting paid by the state then we would if we came in on one of our off days.