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Archived Thank you Breakroom.org members

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Jun 17, 2011
Just posting to give a quick shout out and thanks to all the breakroom.org members this past year or two for answering questions, and helping everyone adjust to their positions at Target. As a few of you know I left Target a month or two ago. Based on the current happenings in the company, some which are known by all here, and some which are still secret, myself and quite a few others have sold the remainder of our stock with the company and are boycotting it indefinitely. I realize that people boycotting Target is bad for all of you (especially if it were to spread on a large scale), but it's obvious that corporate doesn't listen to its employees, or its guests and it's time to speak with money. As part of this, my activity here ends now.

Thanks to Hardlinesmaster especially for being the most helpful user on this board. Without much of your guidance in various postings I would not have been promoted a couple times or moved into a mentor-ship position. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. May you all find a way out of retail.


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Jun 10, 2011
Mixed feelings on this one man.
Appreciate the sentiment but wish I understood the actions better.


Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!
Jun 9, 2011
"...some which are still secret..."?
How 'bout a PM word of warning? THAT would be a true mark of appreciation.
Otherwise, "So long & thanks for all the fish" (RIP, Doug Adams)
Jun 8, 2011
Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye, global. But, you are more than welcome to drop in & say hi. Always pass on what you have learn here, so others can benefit like you did. To the other op's, I know that y'all are mad at global, don't be please. He has a new job & different polices now. I will be here if you need me, gb!
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