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Pricing and Presentation The 20%/$20 Rule

Discussion in 'I'm Lost!' started by NewCashierLT, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. MrGSTLman

    MrGSTLman Team Member

    I use the rule of thumb that if you think the price change is reasonable just go ahead and do it. There is no sense making the guest wait while we try and prove them wrong. Change it and we can deal with it later.

    That being said, if it was a large or egregious difference, or you have a sense the guest is trying to put one over on you, then call a GSTL/GSA.

    I wouldn't get yourself too worked up about it, to be honest. I have been at this a while and I can tell when guests are trying to cheat us, and when it is a legitimate mistake on our end.
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  2. OP

    NewCashierLT Working for Target today and tomorrow

    I realize that I may have left a negative impression because I implied that I wanted to hide the price corrections that I had to and will have to handle in the future, and I apologize for that.

    Like MrGSTLman said, hopefully I can get used to dealing with guests and as I gain more experience in handling price challenges.
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  3. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    You're fine. It shows you care to even ask
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  4. OP

    NewCashierLT Working for Target today and tomorrow

    Kind of related, but today I had an odd situation that started with a guest talking to the GSTL. Now, this GSTL is a really nice guy, but he pretty much always sides with the guest when it comes to price challenges.
    Apparently, the guest convinced the GSTL that a bedding item he wantes to buy should be $28.99. The GSTL instructed me from afar to change the price of the item after he discussed the matter with the guest.
    When I rang up the bedding item, the original price was $69.99. I changed it to $28.99 using guest price challenge, but without a supervisor override needed. I was really surprised since most price changes over $20 require a supervisor override.
    After closing, I asked my GSTL why the price change went through without a supervisor code. He explained that sometimes, price changes over $20 are allowed without a supervisor override depending on the situation.
    I know that the GSTL told me to change the price, so if AP asks about this, the GSTL will take responsibility for the price change, but I am wondering if anyone else has encountered something like this. To be frank, I almost wish the supervisor override screen appeared so that it would be 100% clear that the GSTL approved the price change.
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  5. idkwhattodo

    idkwhattodo Guest Service

    I had this situation the other day with a price match. I was unsure I should do the price match for a team member. I don’t think it was anything like shady, but it just felt off to me amd I don’t trust that the team member 100% knows the price match policy, so I called over my GSTL. She looks at it real quick and says it’s good to go. It was a $30 change, so I figured it would promp for a supervisor code, but nope! I obviously got approval from a supervisor, but I was kind of scared it would fall back on me in some way.

    Anyway, we tested out the system and for some reason it is prompting supervisor codes at the $20 limit on some items/ some circumstances and then letting us go on other items even well above the $30 threshold. Another GSTL of mine agreed that it’s a little scary to give that much power to certain individuals.
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  6. wiredharpoon

    wiredharpoon Team Member

    Honestly its better if an alert gets sent out, this way they can check to see if an expired sign is up and take it down so there arent further issues. At the end of the day if something was on sale, it was for a reason. In the past I have even honored prior sales for guest to save the sale and keep them coming back. Is it really worth sending someone back for $3 to check on a sign when you could upset a guest or hold up your line? If its reasonable go with it!
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  7. HRbuddy

    HRbuddy New Team Member

    Some items are coded differently for the price changes. Generally high ticket items will prompt for a supervisor override. Domestics are usually fine unless you are making a drastic change. It all goes through the system and if corporate sees item “x” is being changed a lot they will place the override on it. During certain times they used to shut the overrides off completely!
  8. mandie89

    mandie89 ElectronicsTM

    At my store, we are typically allowed to change up to $5 without questioning anything, but use your better judgment. If it is a $20 difference, due to whatever reason (old sale sign, in the wrong spot, difference in price online or at another retailer), just make sure to double check that it’s correct. There are a lot of guests who will take advantage of you if they know about the $20 rule.
  9. IIlllIIllIIIllIl

    IIlllIIllIIIllIl GSTL - Call me barcode

    I'm pretty liberal about price changes in certain situations. My cashiers know to ask if they're unsure about things and I generally trust them. I took time and wrote some custom training material for my cashiers. There is a whole guide on using common sense for price changes. If they want guidance on if a price should be changed, my rule depends on what the item is and how much the guest is spending.

    Guest is spending $300+ on many different items? Yeah, $20 is a drop in the bucket. That'd be a change without thinking twice, however, I would make sure it was a guest price challenge for PCV.

    Guest is spending $20 on a single item and thinks it is $5? "Can I get a team member in [$PLACE]?"

    I have one exception for one guest that tries the same thing every time they buy our shit. And it's always a pretty decent difference. I check everything for her because she tries to take advantage of the system. Drives me up the wall. She doesn't try it when she sees me though! :D
  10. HRLady

    HRLady Human Resources <3

    Did the Team Member ask you to do a price match or a price challenge? They are two different things. A Team Member can ask to price match Target.com or a competitor. A Team Member cannot ask you to change a price to match the sign/sticker in the store if an item rings up to be a different price when you scan it. Basically, price match is allowed but price challenge is not allowed.
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  11. idkwhattodo

    idkwhattodo Guest Service

    It was a price match with Amazon, which didn’t initially show up on the mydevice. She told me to type in the item’s name, so I did. It was sold and shipped by Amazon, but I figured they were slightly different products, but when I said that to my GSTL she just glanced at it quick and said go ahead. TM got kind of annoyed I looked so long at the Amazon webpage, but I wanted to make sure everything was good before I did it especially since it was a large difference.
  12. Anelmi

    Anelmi Team Trainer

    It’s supposed to be an exact match so the TM lucked out by the GSTL not caring.
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